BIL Membership Provides Members With

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  • A place to play your social bridge in a friendly environment - no rude behaviour tolerated.
  • Access to the BIL Events Calendar - lists the dates and times for the following, which are held in the BBO Public Club section - in the BILies Retreat

Open Teaching Sessions
Hosted Practice Sessions
Special Events - visits from the Bridge Elite

  • Access to Free and BBO Points Tournaments, Team Match series and Special Themed tournaments organised by the BIL.
  • Invitations ( via email) to register for Topic Specific, Level Restricted COURSES (not listed in the Event Calendar)
  • One on one or group mentoring for 4-6 months, free of charge, from Advanced and Expert BBO players
  • Access to the many insightful articles - System Notes, Bidding, Defense, Conventions they are all there.
  • Access to the most comprehensive library of interactive Bridge Movies for beginner and intermediate players to be found anywhere
  • Use of the "Ask Bridge Question" feature - have your specific question answered by an expert in that field
  • Being kept informed of News and Events through the monthly Gazette and periodic Bulletins, both sent by email, as well as the News Noticeboard located here on this site.
  • Ability to challenge and test your knowledge through beginner and intermediate quizzes
  • Access to BBO User Tips under FAQ to keep up to date on changes to the BBO website


The Future


To continue to constantly ponder ideas so that there will always be PLANS being PLANNED.

To keep expanding this site to add more value for the membership

My Wishes:

That all members will benefit in some way from their time with the BIL be that just a brief stay or a long one.

That members' bridge skills will be enhanced and that they will reach whatever level of expertise they desire.

That members will forge friendships and partnerships that will last them the rest of their days.

That members will come to share my belief that to be a GOOD bridge player one must first learn to be a GOOD partner by embracing the BIL creed - 

Cherish your Partner and Respect your Opposition.

and Don't Forget to Count the Cards

Maureen ( hallway on BBO )

Founder/Manager BIL Bridge - Beginner Intermediate Louge (BIL)