BIL Members have their say in 2008

Extracts from Notes of Appreciation

My husband and me would like to say a GREAT   THANK YOU for everything you HAVE done and STILL doing for BBO.We got known BBO ca. 3 years ago and you spend us soooo many happy hours and we got sooo many nice new friends around the world.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this.I have been thrilled by the level of control and the mature behavior of players on this site.  Night and Day!

oh Maureen,   JUST GREAT ! there is no proper way to thank u !

I am a faithful BBO player and so appreciate having such a forum where good bridge and good etiquette are encouraged and admired.   You, in BIL, do so much to start neophyte bridgers on the right path.You are a true credit to the world of bridge and by default, also BBO

Thank you so much for all your hard work. Please know that we really do appreciate the amount of time and effort you put into this addiction of ours.

I think you are doing a great service with the BIL.  It is necessary if new players are going to be fed into the game.  Not many have the patience to put up with all the crap associated with doing what you do and I admire you for it.  The game is sooooooo intimidating and some of the players make it even more so, it's nice for the newer players to know they have a "safety zone".  You encourage BIL members to venture out and I know you encourage them to learn more (that' obvious by you having guest teachers come in).  You are doing good and you might be surprised how many people understand and appreciate that. I think that when you are doing something important and useful, it's good to know people notice.

The opportunities we all have to learn bridge through this program/endeavor are indeed a gift beyond compare.  I have certainly benefited from it and continue to -- as much as time and opportunity allows.  I am forever in your debt

Your efforts, energy, and commitment are amazing and deeply appreciated. If it weren’t for the BIL I probably wouldn’t have participated on BBO.

I would like to thank you once again for all your work and time spent for our enjoyment

thank you for all you have done for the BILies for the last year and before

thanks for the great job u do for the BIL's

thx for making it so much fun

Thanks so much for all your work. Appreciate your letters and enjoy playing on the site


thank you again for all you've done to help people learn this game

I try to make lots of progress and\ appreciate very much your bilbridge

Keep up the great job you are doing. Even though most people do not express their appreciation, I know they are very appreciative. My only wish is that I could play more with the great people in BIL, they are the best group of people that I have encountered in my many years of playing cards.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate BIL. You all are awesome!

thanks for nice warmhearted words, good wishes, for lots of worK,so I can participat in this wonder, online bridge.

Wow, wasn't expecting such great answers, its amazing the more your site has helpled me learn bridge, the more I want to learn.

What you do voluntarily is magnificient!  I commend you on your dedication.

You are my inspiration, if not for you would not have stayed with bridge.

Thank you very much for your help. What a wonderful service you provide. Many kudos to you!

.I'm really loving BBO and the BIL - it's taken me lots of slow lead up time - the site is pretty dense and  a bit scary for someone not computer/internet/chat savvy.  But you can count me as one of your fans. I'm very grateful to you for doing what you do

To put it bluntly I am stunned ...and AWED

CONGRATULATIONS............. I am so impressed  after  FINALLY reaching the BIL site  ...the  effort you have made to create the Bil  for  others to enjoy and learn  this  great game has been  so intensive and so well researched to help all your  members so many aspects........ Thanks Maureen .. I LOVED READING THE SITE  AND I KNOW OTHERS WILL TOO and  for  many years  to come ,. your positive approach for life and enormous determination  for life in general  comes through know the saying   - gobsmacked ---------WELL  I  ALWAYS  SAY  'up and at em'   when things get tough ...  And you  do !

Thanks for all your patience with me...I have learned so very much and know about all the conventions and now want to start playing tournament bridge...Want to get some points...I just adore BIL and BBO... I am winning at our local bridge now and hope to get some points soon on BBO...Just have to start playing in tournaments.

Thanks for all the work you are doing for us and the great and generous person you are...You are very loving and kind to us all.

You are so special to me and all in BIL...It has really grown due to all your hard work...We are so fortunate to have you...

I really appreciate what you're doing for BBO.  It amazes me when I ask for help and get an almost instant answer.  Also, your quick replies to my emails.  It seems like so many places nowadays are so impersonal, and it takes forever to get service.  Not so on BBO. It's a great place to play.

You really are a super woman--founding and running the BIL for all of us.  You know how many friends I have made and you would never believe how my game has improved, seriously--and that's because of all the great players willing to volunteer their time to teach Dinwiddie BIL Players!  Dessie, Bill, Kate... all of them are wonderful. However...  my gifts to you this Christmas will be 1) an in-home masseur and 2) an in-home psychiatrist.  You are amazing (and a little crazy).  I really don't know how you do it.  I know you are running at about 21/7.

Hang in there Maureen - love you and appreciate what you do - thanks

THX for ur work for us, i sometimes cant believe, how one person can do all that !!!

I am grateful for all that I have gained from my Bil membership, and will be glad to give back however I can.

thank you for your dedication and heroic work to making BIL club the place to learn and have fun.

thank you so much for all the work you do for us we really do appreciate it.

You are providing a service that can't be measured in cost. Your dedication to the BIL site and participants is beyond wonderful.  You have made it possible for all of us to meet and share the highs and lows of our bridge games and exposed us all to so many wonderful teachers -- what can I say except my most heartfelt thanks for all you do for so many  Your site has changed my life -- (even though my husband often thinks a bit too much ) -- It's so much fun and so enlightening. 

You know, you are absolutely incredible to start the BIL

I think that you have done such a great service to people like myself, who needed the confidence and tutorage (from some of your fine tutors) that I received.

Having seen first hand the enormous input that you give to BIL, my admiration for you went even higher and I thank you for all that you do and for the many hours of pleasure that you give to so many.

I have really enjoyed my time in BIL and appreciate all the hard work and love that has gone and continues to go into the site. Thank you again for all you have done. 

thank you so much for helping me, No1 fan

……….. I must say, the work you do is quite incredible ……. Thank you

I appreciate you so much.  All of us working together will make the BIL truly a haven of super learning and play for this and the next generation.  You, your work, and your vision are priceless, Maureen.

You are exceptional in considering the needs of the members - Good Job !!!

Tx for the wonderfull work you all do, it's truly amazing!!!:)

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you, your staff, volunteers and all the teachers and world class players who take part in making BBO and the BIL a great place for us.  The friendships that I have made in the BIL  are absolutely amazing.  Whenever I meet a fellow BIL or graduate I always find helpful,  polite, and encouraging people.  My ambition, when I retire in a couple/few years, is to teach in the BIL.  It is truly a great feeling to volunteer/mentor and pass on knowledge to others.

a person told me about BIL; you have a wonderful place and I am just learning more about how to navigate around. thank you so much for all your hard work and willingness to help us.

Just wanted to thank you again for your great and good work!  Enjoy the Gazette and find it extremely helpful...You're a gem!

You say "Always Cherish Your Partner and Respect Your Opposition"..........and I say
Always respect and cherish our Bil Founder/ manager. Maureen, you are a real gem. Most knowledge, humorous, informative, open and honest. On behalf of all Billies I wish to say we love you and couldn't do without you.If I ever get to NZ, you can bet your bottom dollar I will bring a bottle of the best wine for you.

my what hard work you put in for us!

Thanks for running the BIL on BBO. I have been a member for just ~4months now but my play has substatially improved (I have been winning more MP playing in person at the local club here in Atlanta)

you are amazing!! I thought you'd give me a site to go to. Thx sooo much for the info, i appreciate it so much. Wow!!

You have a lot of admiration and respect from my part for the excellent job you do in promoting bridge for intermediates/beginners

Nobody is doing for Beginners and Intermediaries on  BBO - what  YOU  are doing - with EXCEPTION of GREAT  Fred Gitelman who invented the site and is hard working on its development. If anybody in  Bridge World has merits  for making the game popular and accessible  he and his associates are the STARS. Wish him, his associates and you all success for the hard work you put in for benefit of bridge players on all levels.

thx, Nice Person, appreciate the stuff U do.

Has anyone told you lately what a beautiful and classy lady you are?  When I read the opening of the Gazette, I was moved to tears--though I do not cry and brushed them away quickly.  Your dedication and hard work against all odds is not only appreciated but also highly admired.

the work you do for Beginner/Intermediate players in nothing short of awesome.

on behalf of the 10,000 Billies who have benefited from your work An excellent and dedicated job ... very well done!

Thank you, thank you, for all the hard work you have done for all of us in BIL...You are a dependable, talented, loving person to us all

Fred: BBO owner - 31 Aug 08 BIL 5th birthday tourney : i am a big fan of the BIL and especially of Maureen :) super-special thanks to the super-special Maureen Hall, AKA Hallway, AKA BILManager - AKA the hero of Beginners and Intermediates all over the world :)

gawd, that is a perfect quote!!!!! write that down maureen cause it is true & well deserved!H!H

always wanted to tell you, it's because of BIL club that I was able to better my bridge.. and became a Life Master last year. If not for BIL I would have been too scared to play

Special thanks again and a whole bouquet of !Hs for the VERY special Maureen Hall!!!

You are a blessing to all of us who have gained so much from the BIL. Bless you!!!!

I've wanted an opportunity to tell you how unbelievable and extraordinary BBO and the BIL are.  The work, time, and energy it must take to manage the BIL is unimaginable.  Please know how very much I appreciate your development of BIL, your dedication and gracious communications.  I also appreciate Fred Gitelman and the time he donates to beginners and with a such patience!

You have enriched my life with opportunities provided through BBO and BIL.  Thank you!

From *Migry World Champion - Sept 08 I would like to take this time to express my admiration for this wonderful project

*Redmonster - Sept 08 It was my pleasure. I am happy the club is doing so well. It was fun! Please contact me whenever you need help, I will do what I can. Good luck and congratulations! Shannon

thanking you over and over again for the marvellous job you do with the BIL

thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for giving birth to this great club

we all LOVE BIL and couldn't have learned without it - I hope you know how much it has meant to many of us !h

Thanks for making Bil's birthday anniversary such a delightful week--know you have worked hard to set up these extra events.

I. did watch it last night and it was very interesting like all your other teaching programmes

My bridge learning from BIL is wonderful and I appreciate it very much!

Thanks  to Maureen for a wonderful club. !H  I have made friends with people all over the world and learned some bridge.  Thanks to all the great teachers who have given so generously of their time like Ron and David.

a thousand thanks to each and everyone who contributes so faithfully to our big advantage

ty so much for the chance to play Maureen and all your time and effort to make this club the best in BBO

u have such awesome help..... if i was computer literate i would join..... thks for the BIL site

ty Maureen for the Club and our Special Guests for making us proud to be here tonight

thanks Maureen! Just 1 of the many great opportunities u give us!

Thank you so much for leading this wonderful effort to teach so many of us how to play better Bridge. I wish I had found BIL a long time ago. It's like reading Eddie Kantor -- I always learn something new, and it's fun at the same time -- but even better because I get to ask the teachers questions in real time. What a rush.

Many thanks again for all you do here, and thanks also to all the teachers and expert players who donate their time and attention to us. There are some really smart, caring (and patient!!) teachers and mentors on BIL and you are all much appreciated.

When you read about bridge, you will find many references to "polite" play and speech, but in reality, I have only found this attitude in the BIL games and activities. Learning proper bridge play can only be done by making hundreds (maybe thousands) of mistakes along the way. If people get upset about those mistakes, it can be a real emotional let down for some players. I have found the BIL to be a 99% polite enviroment. 

Congratulations on all the work you do!   I am really enjoying playing and learning on the site

My Mentor was Rose37.  She is terrific.  We have met personally, along with Kim, another of her students.  Had a marvelous time in Niagara Falls.   Thank you to BIL for the mentoring system.   I continuously sing their praises.

I just enjoyed my first BIL teaching

Thanks for allowing me into the club. It's very much more than I could have imagined. good work!

Thank you very much...  It has been a privilege to be a part of your BIL.   You do a fantastic job and I appreciate your hard work,  Your fellow bridger and friend, always,

I agree with you about the movies; I was looking at one today from xx1943's website about hold-up play, and it was very easy to follow. In fact, while watching it I had 'penny dropping' moment - seeing in practice what I failed to understand from a book. So, already I've learned something valuable as a result of joining BIL!

.....I don't know what I'd do with our BIL - it is a wonderful thing

....thank you to everyone that has made my bridge journey such a pleasant one ..this is truly a wonderful program

....thank you for the excellent job ...if it wasn't for BIL I wouldn't be where I am today ..thankyou everyone that has made this site as it is today - teachers, mentors, fellow bridgers

....thank you for creating and organising this wonderful and safe place to learn

....thank you for making BIL such a resourceful place that makes us proud members of your club. May BIL grow in strength and members for many years to come

would like to thank everyone on BBO for the help and patience

appreciate your dedicated service to youngsters

thank all the TD for our fun

Enjoy so much the BIL I am grateful it exists

thank you for all your efforts

Thanks to all of you at BBO for my many hours of enjoyment

Good show as always ! ty for your guidance and dedication

ty for making it all possible

many.many thanks to you Maureen our backbone to BBO and the BIL you are the greatest

a grand thanks to tyou , Maureen for all that you do for us and all that you put up with for us

thank you for being there and for the fun bridge

many thanks to everyopne on BBO I find it gives me many hours of enjoyment

thanks to all the people running BBO it is great to have a palce to play bridge and it is nice to meet new friends too

...... you are the most amazing person I have ever had the privilege of knowing. No matter what appears on your desk, you manage to have a positive approach to the oputside world of your admirers. All of BBO loves you and what you do ! Thank you so much for being here for all of us :)

Thx to BIL, to players, to teachers and friends I am very happy with you

I appreciate your good connections and the BIL club - looking forward to more fun

we should all be forever grateful to all who have made this great gift the "BIL" to the bridge lovers all over the world it is a unique gift that is invaluable to the bridge lover - our gratefulness is best expressed when we are most courteous and nice to fellow players on BBO