BIL Members have their say in 2007

Extracts from Notes of Appreciation

Thanks a lot for being wonderful with us in BIL

Thanks for a fun place to play bridge

all of you do a great job, love you all, don't know what I would do without BBO

thanks for all you do to make the BIL such a great site to come to...I think you should give yourself a big pat on the back for all you've accomplished in three years. 

you are always working hard for us ! There is an Arabic proverb "The servant of people is ihr wahrer Master !  Thanks master Maureen

I am soooo happy to put a face with your name!!!!   When I scrolled to the bottom and saw your picture it made me smile.  You do so much for us.  You are an incredible woman.  And I must ask if you've cloned yourself?  This is because it seems like you are ALWAYS there for us to answer a question or announce a session.  How in the heck do you do it?   You are the best.

i have been a member of BBO for quite some time but only after joining BIL did i find more members looking to learn and have fun not too serious about it all lol

Thanks for your precious work


I benefit tremendously from your efforts and the opportunities on BBO in improving my bridge. The free lessons and very friendly tournament sessions by BIL are God send for me.  I have noticed my great improvement since I have joined. So please let me thank you and all other BIL mentors and teachers again. 

the BIL gazette is priceless and the BIL lessons are priceless. Your time and your efforts are certainly priceless

Thank you.  You are the smartest person I have met on bbo.  I asked all of the usual folks I know hanging around. . You get the prize. will learn eventually with all of the good helpers teaching.

BIL made a huge difference for me Had there not been a BIL to play in I don't think I'd have played for very long/ I think I'd have been intimidated and frustrated and given up. I think BIL is the most valuable bridge resource online. Possibly offline too.

You are doing such a wonderful job

Thank you.  You are the smartest person I have met on bbo.  I asked all of the usual folks I know hanging around. . . You get the prize. I will learn eventually with all of the good helpers teaching.

I am new to BIL and i want to express my admiration at the incredible job that is being done here. The amount of work that is being put in, the very high level of teaching, the various possibilities offered to improve Bridge knowledge and skills and the spirit everything is done with.... really - chapeau to you and to all those who take part.

I want to thank deeply Maureen for the really excellent work, I can't find the words to thanks you enough.

You are irreplaceable--everything you do for the beginning players.  And we are able to meet so many people from all over the world.  It's quite an incredible experience.

It is a fabulous opportunity for us Bridge junkies to get more playing time/experience. Thank you again for your help and all of your efforts. 

Thank you again for everything that you do. I am totally amazed by your dedication.

Many, many thanks for what you have done to promote bridge, to provide a learning environment parallel to none, for new players and to provide a bridge family where these players have the opportunity to meet new people, make friends, learn bridge, and become a "bridge family" where one is comfortable and enjoys.

i love being a member of ur learning a lot...... teachers are going a wonderful job.

thx for the news and for the prodigeous activity of all members of the staff:)

I am really enjoying BBO and especially BIL and the marvellous lessons. Thanks again

thanks for your hard and efficient work.  I am amazed at the BIL Club that Maureen built! 

My contribution is a tiny token of appreciation for the mammoth job you have undertaken for the benefit of BILlies.Thanks for everything!

It is astonishing to read how you make a new player feel so welcome! The only time I have felt that way was when I entered a Private Bridge Club. I have been playing Duplicate for over 30 years, and just became Junior Master. Now I am hoping to receive the balance of points through a total of points from Bridge Base and from Tournament play in my area. Thank you for your welcome.

What an achievement you have managed with BIL-you make me so proud

I am really greatful for the BIL website and the many teaching sessions it offers.

you do such a stellar job with BIL

I'm sure that multitudes of people feel as I do, if it had not been for the BIL I would never have really learned how to play bridge and I wouldn't be spending so much time working on my game! It's just a wonderful training ground for people who are serious about learning more.

I want to thank you for all your have given me these last few years.   I have enjoyed the BIL to its full potential and have you to thank for the advancement I have made.   Without the BIL, and what it provides to new players, this would never ever have been possible.   Especially considering where I live, I have no bridge whatsoever.   Just what I get on line.   I think the contribution that BIL makes to players is absolutely the most amazing site possible for anyone who wishes to strive to become a good bridge player.
You are to be commended for all the time, hard work, perservance, and love you have put into creating BIL and making it such an absolutely amazing site.   In fact, to my mind, the best site there is on line and in BBO.

Thanks so much for what you have done and are continuing to do for people who wish to develop their bridge ..
I have found your resources and the spirit of the BIL very helpful, and I am grateful to you and the other generous people who share their expertise and time

Also a huge THANK YOU for all the time, effort, and dedication you put into this club. I do hope you know that it is greatly enjoyed by one and all of the members. I often give out BBO info to folks in my bridge clubs, and never fail to mention your site.

Thanks!   I really love your club and think you are doing a fabulous job.  So glad that I found it.

Keep up the GREAT work - you are doing a very needed service to the bridge community

you have accomplished soooooo much - and continue to add! Impressive lady!!!!!!!

Great!  Thanks so much for your help and support!  We all appreciate your work with the nubbies and intermediate players!

Thank do an incredible job.  In striving to be the best bridge player I can possibly be, I have to ask the questions.  Thanks to you and your incredible work in putting together BIL, you are making that possible.  I tell all my friends about it is really just too good to be true...and feel very fortunate to have found it. 

thanks again for caring and trying to be fair to all..what more could you ask of our leaders and sponsors..!H and !H.++++++

Thanks for creating such a wonderful, welcoming place for improving bridge players.

It has been very useful to me and I wish you continued success... Thanks for the help and advice

Thanks for all the great emails and contacts with tips and explanations over the time of my membership.  I've learnt quite a bit while studying. 

I was enthusiastic when seeing al the work very woll done, to make the library a very interesting tool for the Bil bridge learners. I have entered to know a bit all what is in, and will have to enter many times,more, to understand better all the details, and tryng to use them . Many thanks and congratulations for the big effort and quality work done.

I can't tell you how much I have learned, since I started with this excellent site, and the pleasure  I derive from it . Not only the ability to play against people from all over the world, but the actual learning, the challenge,the simplicity of the learning material, the educational approach, the sense of humor in the text...thousands thanks !!!

am soooooooo happy to have found BIL  -- before that I actually kind of shuddered when I played -- wondering when I was going to get booted for ruining some serious partner's day -- and it did happen -- people often went bonkers from me.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply, much appreciated.Thank you also for the wonderful work you do.

I have to honestly say that this is a great site. ....I have already learned quite a bit, ....Between this site and BBO, I have learned a huge amount of bridge.....This is an incredibly better way to play bridge. I had so much to learn.

with a big smile and admiration in my voice if you could hear that, i tell you i think it is
great what you have achieved with BIL. You have assembled a network of people who like to
teach (and some really love it to share their knowledge) and that's quite remarkable in my

This site has so much to offer! I am looking forward to really getting into it this winter. Thanks


(My thanks to the authors of the above and also to the many who leave me messages on BBO - it is you who give me the determination to continue -  Maureen)