BIL Members have their say in 2006

Extracts from Notes of Appreciation

thank you for the very enjoyable bridge that BIL provides.  I have only been playing on BBO for the past few months but it has become an integral part of my life now. 

Thank you for making available all the BIL news - what a tremendous effort –

I am new to BBO and new to the BIL. In just a few weeks, I can see how much effort you put into this (where do you find the time) and I can tell you that my experiences in BIL have been wonderful. As you said in your last newsletter, everyone I've played with in BIL are friendly, helpful, and patient (very much unlike my experiences in the open club). Thanks for all you do.

I intend to remain a BIL member for the rest of my life …

Thank you so much for the nice encouragement words, and especially to my wonderful Mentor, Elaine Jervis, I am so fortunate to have her as a Mentor, such a knowledgeable, kind and refine person, and also may I congratulate you for the good work and patience that you have been doing for the last three years, I am certain it is not easy at all to do what you are doing, but it is thanks to you if so many people like me, have a chance to improve their bridge game, BIL is a wonderful site, friendly and polite people, also thanks to Des Sergeant who helps us to find good Mentors, she does such a nice job as a Co ordinator.

Thank you so much for running a fabulous club.  It is such a great way to meet people, have lessons and play in a gentle environment.  I have really appreciated the opportunity to be a member.

Thx so much , its so nice of you to take care of my problem. Since I solved it I have already joint a lesson and even played 3 hands. It was so exciting. It was terribly late so I wasn't that concentrated, but it was fun. I am happy to be member now and look forward to learn and play much.

Also, I would like to make a comment on the TD's that run the Jackpot Series Tournies.   Bambi, Nathan, and yourself should be congratulated for doing such an awesome job of having these tournies.   They give a lot of their time to the Billies and their encouragement, support, and the most amazing attitude they display during these tournaments are to be high commended. 

The TD's always state it is a pleasure to work with such a great group of people as the Billies, but they should know that the Billies are such a great group due to the fantastic support that we get from people like Bambi, Nathan, and all the people who give so selflessly of their time, knowledge, wisdom and experience to help the BIL site and the Billies become what we are, better bridge players who are respectful of all.

A most grateful Billie for all these people and the BIL site, which is you Maureen, have done to help us grow as bridge players and as a group of people with a common bond, to learn to play bridge.

Wow - these are amazing notes..........THANK YOU

Thanks so much, Maureen, that's exactly what I needed!  Verna

Just a note to say how much I enjoy the newsletter. I read it from top to bottom

First let me say how very much I am enjoying BBO and especially being a Billie.  Although I have played duplicate bridge for many years I have learned so much in the past few months.  It has been a challenging experience.  The most important thing I have learned is that there is so much more I need to learn!  Thank you for the wonderful lounge where newbies can feel a little "safer" and more assured to try our wings.  Everyone's attitude is so warm and encouraging and you can take pride in that. 

Since I’ve been playing and learning in BIL, the bridge scores of my husband and myself have markedly improved. We won a 299er game at a Regional, won 3 NLM games at our club, and won 2 open games at our club. Winning an open game at our club is really an accomplishment – in 7 tables we play against Marshall Miles and Doreen, the Kirkhalls, (these are World Class players) and 4 other pairs who are Experts at least. I’m now a dedicated BILlie and recommend it to everyone at our club.

received Your abundant information. I am out to participate in Your phenomenal challenges

Wonderful stuff as normal - thank you :o))

Thanks ever so much for all of the BIL information. I have read it and I am impressed with the organization of it. Congratulations on all of your endeavors. I will read and absorb, hopefully before I hear from Des with her assignments.  I am really looking forward to this. Thanks for the privilege of helping keep the game of Bridge alive.

Maureen,  Just because of you and your beg/inter BBO site, our growing program with youngsters in Atlanta is taking off.  You may want to visit our web site:


Thank you for doing all you do...and a wonderful job at that. As a fairly new member to BBO I am amazed at all that is available to me at the BBO and it is wonderful to have you keep us posted. I can't imagine the amount of time it takes to prepare the Newsletter but we love getting it. I totally understand that time was not available to get it out...priorities! Thank you for doing it when you are able.      

Maureen u are a star... ue energy is tireless  i really take my hat off to u and thank you sincerely for all ur hard work

tks  you are the greatest

TY for this site and your work

Thanks to you for your dedication to us, your work is fantastic,

Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!

THANK YOU so much for all your hard work on the BIL lounge-I have really enjoyed this site so much-have started to become more familiar with it and even learned a few bridge things. Love it

keep going :-)

Thanks for the incredible amount of time you spend so that us billies can have a comfortable spot and great resources!

Thank you for all the effort you are putting in, good luck

Great work we are most appreciative

U need to ask for a pay raise lol

I do enjoy reading the Gazette every week and marvel at the heavy work load you shoulder for us.  I am afraid I am not such an aldruist and could not cope with such a weekly task.  We do appreciate you Maureen:  you are bloody marvelous! 

Well, what to say..."The Gazette" was already worth not only reading but archiving for later use: one could find many sound advices on the bridge bidding and play techniques (Hoki's articles alone are so valuable). And now, that wonderful, wonderful article: "Bridge at an Early Age" By Oliver Clarke (OliverC)! :)I'm delighted. So much wise words told as a "life story", said not to teach but to help readers get more experience. I needed that: it is much more easier for my wife and me now to (finally) decide to introduce Bridge to our younger children (Nina is at the age of 5 and Andrej will be 10 in April), not being afraid that it's too early for them. Thanks, OliverC. And thanks you too, Maureen, again, for gathering all those wonderful people at BIL.Thank you very much for  publishing the GAZETTE. I always enjoy reading it and have learned a great deal from it. I appreciate the time you spend on this newsletter.

Thanks for all your work.  Now I want to leave the BBO Intermediate and Beginners Lounge. I learned a lot in the past year and played less and less in the lounge. My partner and I played some good bridge, we worked our way up to the 1. Landesliga in Germany by winning 12/13 matches with our team. I think now I will characterize my bridge as "advanced".  In 2 or 3 years I will come back as mentor, if i further improve as well as in the past.

Thanks for the update. Just want to say that as a new player on BBO and now a member of the BIL I really enjoy the BIL as a place to play and try to use it whenever I can. It has a really friendly atmosphere. Thanks for setting it up.

Thank you very much for everything you do about the BIL club where I made the first steps towards learning bridge for real. I met here a lot of nice people and it will always be a pleasure to play in this wonderful club. Unfortunately my time schedule does not allow me to help with the club on a regular basis. But I’ll be there anytime I’m needed hopping that I can help others just like this club helped me and then some.

I very much appreciate your work with the BIL club and I hope you will always find what you need to keep it running.

Maureen, the gazette was very informative. I really feel badly about the way some people take advantage of other's good works. I am sure that it is because people just don't really get how difficult it is to do the things you all do.....thank you so very much for your work.

what a lot of work you people do --i thank you --i love BBO

I got the gazette and it was great. Thanks so much.I am a new member and have enjoyed playing with the group.I thank you for all the good work you and the others at BIL do.Your gazette's are wonderful! I am new to the game of bridge, but really appreciate the time and effort you take to help "us beginners" We were some of the lucky ones and received our magazine. We look forward to receiving them and very much appreciate all the work that must go into producing them. thank you very much. really you are far too concerned about all of us to be a human... I expect that is why we all think you are an angel!Let me take the opportunity to tell that I am so happy for all great work you are doing for us.dont work so much on PC . Remember spring and summer is coming , so go outside , breath , flowers , swim and love and fun . Dont forget it .thanks, Maureen you are so wonderfulthank you for your effortsI feel honored to be a member of the Honorary BIL Graduate Membership List and constrained to do my best when playing in the BIL.  Indeed there are some newbys I know (a college of mine from the district court in Berlin and his wife) with whom I would like to play there if they feel ready.

I received the book I ordered as well as my first issue of "The Gazette" this week and I was very impressed with both of them.  I am amazed at everything that is offered on BBO and I'm sorry I didn't begin sooner.

You set me up with a mentor  She seems clear, and very straightforward and has emphasized that I am allowed to make mistakes -- phew!!!   So I wanted to thank you myself, for setting me up with a good bridge player who has made it clear that she is more than willing to take time out of her life to help me become a better bridge player.  I can't even imagine how difficult your job is when it comes to finding people to teach, and then pairing them up with others who need to learn!!!  You have taken on an almost impossible task, but as someone else said, it is up to the two people who are put together to make the very best of their opportunity!  Cooperation with understanding is the name of the game.  I am really looking forward to working with Nancy and learning from her. Thank you again for all your hard work and for being so attentive and prompt with my request!!! 

thanks for your concern and assistance and for doing such a good job!Many thanks for the time and effort expended on our behalf.  Many excellent tips are put forth in the beg/int tournaments allowing growth in the game of bridge. Maureen, you are so kind and helpful. Thank you. Thank you most specially for creating and operating BIL. All my problems have gone away. I'm sure the attention to details that you gave me are a good part of the reason. I learned a few new things in the bargain. My only question now is how can I help others as you have helped me.I have never told you how wonderful the BIL is, you did a good thing , love the bulletins

thank you for your tremendous contribution to all of us who want to play bridge - better than we currently do! My plan is to take advantage of all you offer for at least one hours daily.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH 

That was a very helpful explanation of IMPs versus Scoring.  I am saving it for sure.

Keep up the good are doing GREAT.

Please accept my thanks and gratitude for the free learning and wonderful venue that you and BBO have given us ....Its more than amazing .....Thanks again for a truly remarkable experience

just to say thanks for a great place, the partnership bidding room is great, my mum has taught me to play bridge using that room and the BIL..  keep it up your wonderful

I would like to say Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing with BIL. I am not yet using it as much as I would like to, but I do get a lot of benefit from what I do use.

I could restart my bridge life owing to BBO and BIL who taught me modern bid and play.

The enjoyment that I have received from the BIL room is priceless.

in February this year I joined the BIL. I started learning Bridge in December Last year without having the slightest clue and  not knowing how much learning would be involved, how much nervousness, Nervous 2 frustration,  Pulling My Hair Out  almost heart-attacks AND  F U N!! Rolly 3  were awaiting me. Not seeing anybody who was playing the ACOL I am learning, I started to learn SAYC as well (thanks also for the tons of information one can find in BBO and especially in BIL). Being totally confused by now  , trying to figure out the differences between ACOL and SAYC,(only the absolutely basics which I have learned so far) struggling with the "butterflies" in my stomach, when (and if) sitting at a table (after at least half an hour of watching and not daring to join!!), I nevertheless like the game more and more. The players in BIL are really very nice and helpful. Without BIL I wouldn't have dared to play on the computer which would have been a pity. I simply want to thank you and all the other people who make the BIL possible for the great work you are all doing. For a newbie like myself, this is such a great help! The weekly Gazette amazes me every time I get it. So much work involved!! And all for the benefits of some (hundreds!!) beginners, who are likely to end up totally addicted (like me) to this great game! Thanks, thanks and thanks again!!!

 thanks for all you do for us to enjoy playing, you are an angel.

You do a tremendous amount of work and we are all so lucky to have you

want you to know that I enjoy reading the your "Gazette".  It is loaded with a great deal of information and I look forward to each edition

Thanks Maureen, I owe it all in great part to you for providing us the BIL environment which offers such a unique learning environment. Thanks also the mentor program (thanks Des) that gives you the possibility to exchange and measure yourself with expert players.  No doubt I will continue to be an assiduous BIL member.....

It is wonderful that you and so many good players share their knowledge with us “newbies”.

Thx a lot, you are a sunshine !

Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful club.  It has enriched my daily routine enormously.

You have done a wonderful job  with the beg/interm. Lounge.  It is a big help to a  new person to Bridge.  Very well organized.  I applaud you for your emphasis on  protocol and respect. Thanks much for a quick response  back.

Thank you for sending me "the gazette" I found it very interesting.  I do appreciate your kindness and help

Thanks for a great learning site.  Finding that Bridge On-Line can be quite additive.

I really appreciate the work you have done putting this marvelous lobby together.

All the teachers are great How lucky to be a BIL member Once I feel confident about the basics, I will feel much better about playing in the BIL tournaments just had to add my appreciation to all the others who feel the same way.

i would say, according what i have seen up to now ,that BIL is  very good  instrument of improve the level of bridge players. and you a very good Director and nice person

I wish to thank you for the opportunity that you have provided for players like myself who want to learn bridge in a friendly supportive environment.  Since joining BIL I have enjoyed great teaching and wonderful helpful support. When I initially went to the main lounge, I was called an idiot and stupid and so I quickly realized that there must be a place for beginners so that they can learn and let the others can enjoy their games.  How delighted I was to find that you had started such a lounge

Just a "Thank You" for your weekly letters. The "Lesson" are particularly good, & must take a good deal of your valuable time.

Thanks so much for all you do. I was reading some forums today that referred to past Gazettes and wondered if they were archived online somewhere. They are so helpful. Thanks so much for all you do. I was reading some forums today that referred to past Gazettes and wondered if they were archived online somewhere. They are so helpful.  Thank you for your welcome.  I was amazed at the different people whom I have played with and against in BBO so far.  I haven't had too many people be rude or ask me to leave as I am a beginner...I always let them know I will leave the table if they would prefer.  I am glad I can now play without feeling I will be spoiling others' fun by being a beginner.  Some have given me many good tips about my playing and have been very helpful and kind.I wish to thank you very much for the opportunity given to me to play in BIL Club. I really enjoyed and I made a lot of friends. The atmosphere is so relaxing and even if I am not a good player( and I will never be), I always find help and encouragement from the other members and support.
Thank you ,Thank you ,Thank you you made me very happy, God bless you !!

I've been popping in and out of BIL for a while now but am only just starting to really get into the whole arena.  You and all your helpers are doing a fantastic job, congratulations and thank you!  Only through BIL am I starting to develop the confidence to open tables and start playing more regularly, where everyone has been friendly and helpful.  Also through BIL.  I now have a generous, helpful mentor - HanaG.  So all very positive and I'm enjoying the whole experience. Thanks again for all you do. The gazette is always so very good and the club is run beautifully. I appreciate so much the time given to setting up teaching sessions with the experts, publicizing the lessons, acquiring teaching tips for the gazette, etc.  (I could go on! You and “your crew” do a fabulous job!) While I'm at it, thanks for setting up the BIL.  I'm working on it but it's still a scary world for me in the Main Lounge.  I need a mistake tolerant place to work on my bridge judgment.

i want to give you a big Thank You for having created BIL -  a great place for learning bridge in peace (mostly though) and a real refuge when having made an excursion to the sometimes harsh outside world of main club or refugees.

It is with a sense of great pleasure that I can share with you the news that early this morning I had the proud privilege of winning my first tourney since I learnt this great game of Bridge. A greater pleasure because it was a BIL tourney!  This is a win that I will never ever forget and will cherish for the rest of my life.  I started playing bridge very late in life......  And so it seems great when I am able to say to you.......your effort has not been in vain. I am glad to say that I have made more friends from all over the world at bridge tables of BIL/BBO than in real life,  I am privileged to be a member.

BIL has given me immense pleasure in life and added a new dimension. Because I had seen so many petty squabbles at bridge tables, I avoided playing this wonderful game all my life. Started late, but thanks to BIL/BBO am enjoying every moment of it. Your effort can never be equated in any way..........all at BIL know that. You would have heard of the ancient Indian text :Bhagavad Bible to us..........and one of my favourite verses translates roughly to :"What the elders do, so others shall follow. The way they behave, others shall follow suit"   All at BIL uphold the standard you have set. :)

I really enjoy your letters.  Interesting and informative

(referring to the BIL teachers)  Yes they are great and thanks to you we get to see them :)

Learning, learning, learning?  Yes, yes, yes!   Thank you Maureen for keeping the spirit of learning ... and fun! ... alive and well in the BIL.

WOW - you certainly put a lot of work into the newsletter - I enjoy reading it - and most of all I want to tell you just how much I have enjoyed played at BBO - I recently joined and have learned so much already and have found so many nice people - I am playing an average of 1 to 2 hours a day - yikes!!! Thank you again for all you do for this program

 Thank you for all your time and effort. We appreciate it.

Thank you for sending these notices and all you do to help teachers and BBO be the best site to play bridge on the web!!!

I don't think I have ever taken time to thank you for your continued work on the GAZETTE.  I always read it and print it for further carousing.  It has so much good "stuff" - help, tips, news, etc.  My only problem is that my non bridge- playing husband can't understand why I use up a pack of printer paper so quickly.  Thx, thx, thx.

Thank you again for all you have done for us billies. It was only by playing and learning in BIL that my bridge has been able to improve and give me confidence to branch out to tournaments. It was also through BIL that I have received the benefits of mentors and teachers. Without your continuous efforts many of us would not be playing today.   A million thank you

Congrats on your 3-year anniversary and thanks for your continuing excellent work! (signed by Fred Gitelman)

...thanks again for all your time and effort promoting our wonderful game.

Thanks for all your work.  The BIL is a lovely place to play and learn.

you are doing a great job .. J.. maybe we don’t say that enough!  Thank u for making the BIL great, even if we don’t all always use it, we know its there

You have added a dimension to BBO that is truly unique and worthwhile.

i have benefited immensely from bil.

This mail just to encourage you and to say how much I appreciate BBO - I play at least once every day when I am not traveling.

You provide a very much needed service for those of us who just love bridge!!

thank you for all the enjoyment that I am getting from BBO.

thank you for your Gazette it's great.

don't think I have ever taken time to thank you for your continued work on the GAZETTE.  I always read it and print it for further carousing.  It has so much good "stuff" - help, tips, news, etc.  My only problem is that my non bridge- playing husband can't understand why I use up a pack of printer paper so quickly.

Thank you again for all you have done for us billies. It was only by playing and learning in BIL that my bridge has been able to improve and give me confidence to branch out to tournaments. It was also through BIL that I have received the benefits of mentors and teachers. Without your continuous efforts many of us would not be playing today A million thank you

The BIL is a lovely place to play and learn.

Thank u for making the BIL great, even if we don’t all always use it, we know its there .. J

CUDOS to you from me. . . you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. . .Thanks so much Maureen for all you do . . .and you do DO a Beautiful job.

thanks again for all your time and effort promoting our wonderful game.

Congratulations Maureen and your team, sincerely. Long may BIL's success continue.

Congratulations and Best wishes to BIL on the 3rd Anniversary today. I must say that I have had the pleasure of being associated with BIL for half the period of its existence! I joined sometime in Nov 2004. BIL has given me a passion in my life. I learnt my Bridge here. I am a lower Intermediate, but I feel that in the years that I have left with me, I aim to be at least Expert level! And that will only come from BIL. .... I found GREAT friends. I have said this before, and repeat today, that I can prodly say that I have more friends online at BIL than in real life! And they have given me immense love and encouragement - Genuinely! ....I have found a face to face mentor here in Pune, India who is surprised how I learnt so much in so little time. He is amazed! .....I am now forming a Bridge Group here in suburban Pune. We will play regularly every Saturday and once we have enough of us we will be having team matches and inviting teams from other places in Pune and elsewhere for competitions. .....You will be happy to note that I have spoken to the founding members (all Experts) that we will uphold the etiquette and traditions as expounded on BIL. They have readily agreed!


Thank you so much Maureen for all you do for this group...

tks for your dedication much appreciated.

I think the BIL is a fantastic site and I hope to participate more in the future. 

We all love BIL Thanks always enjoy your newsletters and find Bil very valuable and enjoyable.

both of us think BBO and especially BIL is great.  We are both learning bridge at our own time/pace; 'meeting' some really nice people and playing some bridge.  Unfortunately we just cannot seem to get a 4-some together in our building so that we can play with real people and together!  BBO is letting us enjoy this wonderful game.

impressive progress in such a short time!

 bravo Maureen and all who help you

I wish to add my " Magnificent Job" to the many other who have said same, I am so pleased to have been a part of the last 3 years!

what a wonderful birthday bash,,, thank you it was great fun

Thoroughly enjoyed the tourney - Kudos to you, Fred, Sheri, and all others @ BBO who maintain this fabulous site

....NO WORDS ... TO THANKS i am more than happy shalom

i personally am thankful because my bridge game has improved due to bil

The Think with Fred was FANFABULOUS!!!!! as always my most sincere thanks to you

this bridge site is awesome - i am a bridge player that never learned anything in 20 years - am now trying to learn the new conventions, etc. and i have now found a place to try and learn

Really am enjoying BBO soooo much! beginning to be a little more confident

I like Bil, because is fresh, you- the members- receive a lot of information,-or able to get- and allow me to be in contact with the bridge evolution; the problem is- my problem-that i am not able to make the most of it- because my other activities, - travels among them.I try to participate- the other day i atended to the Fred Tournament you organized, with  Bil management team- and i enjoyed a lot . At the end my position in the ranking was 103, but i took part. On the other hand, you are a crucial person at Bil; always there,  dealing with a very hard work, and doing it very well; and i understand well- is dificult to understand very well other problems- but enough to congratulate and encourage to you, to follow in your wonderful task.

i am very much thankful to the BIL


It's fantastic idea to create Beginner Intermediate Lounge. Very useful for everybody (like me )who wants to improve his game. Please give my wishes and my thanks to your associates.

We Billies are enormously privileged to have had so many excellent teachers like yourself giving us the the benefit of their bridge wisdom.  Due to these excellent free lessons, I find most Billies are often superior to the "advanced" and sometimes "expert" players one finds randomly in the main club. I would like to give a big vote of thanks to Maureen and all the teachers and BIL mentors for their great input.  I know that my bridge life has been greatly enriched by all involved.

Thank you for creating such a great site - this is definitely where I need to be. I watched lessons on Negative Doubles and Smolen. I think I understood Double Negatives, but watched partial Smolen - I remain clueless. Bridge is a wonderful challenge I can enjoy daily thanks to this site. Thank you. So much valuable information has been passed on to the "bil" members and I for one appreciate your efforts. thank you very much I played in my first BIL tournament last night and loved the friendly group, I really enjoyed the games. Thanks again

You are doing a fantastic job with the BIL Gazette.  I find it contains very useful information, advice and news.  I look forward to receiving it each week.  It is like a letter from a friend.

During the last 4 weeks I have been "suffering" a sort of "bridge-panic attack". I felt like paralyzed and was thinking of giving up bridge because of this awful feeling. This morning, when I opened my Outlook, your Gazette showed up and it was like magic...  THANK YOU SO MUCH MAUREEN! You are a fantastic leader and a beautiful person.  What you wrote in today's Gazette encouraged me: I will keep on trying. I love Bridge. The BIL is great!

You do a fantastic job with the BIL club.  Not only that, enjoy your gazette and best of all, have a wonderful mentor.   Always hoping to become a better player -- really, a lifetime learning experience.

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate and learn from your newsletters. Your time and effort is much appreciated.

I too, need to be reminded of those rules at times. We all have some bad days, but when it happens often by the same players proper steps should be taken and I trust your judgement. You are doing a Great Job, I take this opportunity to thank all the other members of this wonderful family for their commitment, especially all the TD's, broadcasters, teachers,  mentors and Star players who share their knowledge, time and love for the game

one million thanks for all y work for usI would like to thank you for the great effort you are doing to help us learn and improve our bridge. You have no idea what joy BBO brings to our lives. I ....and was suffering so much till I joined BBO, it played a great role to help me overcome my grief. Through BBO i made friends that have become an essential part of my daily life. I have met my best friend .... in New York last month. When we met it was like meeting a very old friend just hugged each other & spent the most enjoyable time. We also met with 2 other friends, .......who became a very good friend of mine, and we now play bridge at the Manhattan club. Thanks to BBO and all of you once again

Thank you so much for all that you and BBO do for us all in introducing us to good bridge.  It is quite remarkable that this site has also produced long standing friendships such as the one I have with .... which culminated in us meeting in New York City for a couple of days.  Not only did the two of us meet but along the way we took onboard two other players from BBO .....  The friendship we have is genuine and could not have been any more so had we met in real life and we both value this friendship  and we owe it all to BBO.  So keep up the good work and we shall spread the word to all bridge players we come into contact with. 

thank for the very interesting Gazette. What a dedicated person you are . I always print them and keep them in my file

THANK YOU to make me a BIL member. TY for the enjoyable time in BIL club.

WOW--that Gazette is mind blowing, many thanks.

I really enjoy BIL, playing in your club has been most enjoyable, keep up the good work. I appreciate your quick responses to questions!  You're doing a great job.

Just how do I express to you my appreciation of the enormous pleasure that you bring to me through your BIL site on BBO. Not only has my bridge improved , but also I have met and made friends with others from all over the world. Your newsletters are great - I enjoy reading them .

Thank you for all you do it must be very satisfying to know you are being helpful to so many people

I am new to the game but love it , I play 2 or 3 times and week and study as well , thank you so much for your efforts

Thanks for everything - I just wish I were a craftier bridge player.

Thanks so much for all your efforts and dedication to this wonderful game

The BIL is wonderful and you do a great job . May all your hands hold Aces and may all your contracts make.

Thank you for all your work on the site

Thanks so much for all you do. We have so much fun thanks to all of your hard work

Thanks so much for the good help!  As a new person to the BBO world, I can tell you that no on else has given   me as much help at any time as you have in the last couple of days! I  have been 'wandering' around on the site, and finally found out how to get into the BIL lounge, and there you are !!I appreciate that! matter what, i will never ever leave this wonderful club...that means especially u:)) but also my Billie colleagues lot of love and respect for what u are doing and for the wonderful person i met in u:))

I appreciate your wonderful Weekly news.   It is superb

congratulations- because under my point of view all is very well managed, and understood.- Thanks for your tremendous effort to push BIL into very high position in the bridge world.

TY Maureen and TY for all your efforts in making it happen    !H!H

I had an opportunity to play in the internet at my in-laws house, and I am finding that playing at BIL is the most fun, entertaining and informative. Thanks for all your work all you guys do.

Thank you for arranging these Maureen ..... they are incredibly useful .... esp the anaysis from, homebase .... shows you how to better evaluate your hand and that just cos you play a convention you shouldnt always use it :O) .....  ty vvvvv much for Bil .... has gotten me back to playing bridge ,,,, nice folks and a great place to learn and play .....

I would like you to know how much I appreciate all the work you do for the Beginners Lounge.   It is so nice for me to have some place to go where there are other beginners or people who are willing to play bridge with you or to donate their time teaching you. 

You are intitled to an occasional senor moment now and then, but i think it's more the fact that with your busy schedule you just made an error.
I do thank you for all the time, patience and love you give to BIL....for which i am so grateful and would not be playing bridge if not for you:)

 I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I am enjoying BIL and the tournaments during which I am not 'cannon fodder' for much better players. Thanks

Thanks again for a great time had by all --these teachers are so patient and so knowledgeable--makes the whole game a wonderful learning experience I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank you and your cadre of  volunteers for all that you do in support of those of us learning this  marvelous game. The mentors program especially has been a tremendous  resource for me; Ann is a superbly knowledgeable and gracious teacher and it  was an honor to work with her.

many thanks for all your work for BBO and me

It would be very difficult for me to adequately express how highly impressed I have been with  Mike Kohler, jmk114 as a mentor.    He has given freely and lavishly of his time in furthering my knowledge of the game.  He has never missed an appointed session and, more often than not, supplements those with impromptu lessons.  He timely responds to e-mail on questions.  He has always been a consummate professional and gentleman.  When I applied for this program a few months ago,  I was truly a beginner, not realizing how much there was to learn.  I have now joined ACBL and often play in those tournaments and have garnered a few points too.  I can follow the line of bidding in vugraph sessions--which was impossible for me before.  He not only has imparted much knowledge of the game, but more importantly his passion for it as well.

may your achievements for BIL keep multiplying for year 2007

Thank you for everything you do for BIL - I admire you for all the hard work you put in

thanks a lot for the super service.


thanks for all you hard work for us on BIL

BIL has certainly played and plays an enormous role on BBO and the promotion of Bridge amongst Beginners and Intermediates. You have accomplished a big job, not always without opposition and difficulties.  The quality of Teaching, Tourneys, Gazette writing and devoted work you did can only have admiration by people who know how difficult is to handle human beings.

Thank you for establishing this Lounge I have thoroughly enjoyed it

thank you for all your efforts this year; a great club.

just to say brilliant the work you have done for the BIL

I dont tell you often enough how much I appreciate all you do for us.

Thanks for all this what you do for the bridgers and the Billies!

thank you - for all that BIL has provided me with. I have had the most fun, learned so much, and met interesting and fun people. Thanks for all you do.

many, many thanks for all you do, for all of us!! With much appreciation:

thanks for all the hard work.

This is the best station I've found on my computer. I thank all involved in putting this room together.

thank you for your news sheets and all the help you give..

tx for all the great efforts!!

I thank you for your patience and tireless energy you put into making this a joyful place to play the best game on earth..

Your work is appreciated by so many of us BILlies, the pleasure will last for many years to come


thanks for all your good work.

may you continue to provide BIL with the usual fantastic service that we are accustomed too!!

Thanks very much for all your hard work

Good job with BIL

 may your workload lighten, your waistband tighten and the fun and happiness you provide be abundant

Thank you for the Trojan work you do for the BIL members

 tnks for all that you give us. For you and all ttnks.

You are very much appreciated.

Thank you for the great work you do for the website, I am a new member and it is a great contribution to Bridge Base Online.

thanks for all u do at the Bil.

ty sincerely for all you do for us I enjoy my membership each second

Thank you for those beautiful and well put wishes. You sure have the gift of the gob. Many happy returns

Thx for you are doing for all BILlies

You are doing a terrific job

Thanks to you and your team for doing an absolutely fabulous job on BIL.

As a very new online bridge player may I extend to you a hearty thank you for your courage and commitment in establishing and managing the lounge for beginners and intermediates. Already my skills have improved - sufficiently - to be cheeky enough to consider changing my name to 'RunCoach'!

tous mes meilleurs voeux pour une saison de bridge

thanks for your creativity in making BIL continuously better

Have thoroughly enjoyed the few months on BIL and do see some vast improvement.

You're doing such a great job. Keep it up!

thank you for your dedication to BIL.

Thank you for all your work and the sentiment.

Your hard work on this site is certainly appreciated

I really appreciate what you've done for BBO and, thus, myself. If bridge can get someone into heaven, you're a lock! :-)

thank you for all you have done for us

thank you for the wonderful BIL, the gazette, the lessons, the tournaments and many more

thanks for the wonderful job you are doing

a thousand thanks for your fabulous contribution to BIL , very much appreciated

thanks for all your very good work

thank you for all you do to make bridge more fun

great program

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your astonish work ,and thank you for a nice 2006.

thank you for the wonderful support executing our beloved hobby

Thank you for helping me get set up for BBO - BIL this past year, I am loving every minute of it!

(My thanks to the authors of the above and also to the many who leave me messages on BBO - it is you who give me the determination to continue -  Maureen)