BIL Members have their say in 2005

Extracts from Notes of Appreciation

thank for your welcoming message.  I look forward to playing more bridge and having a learning experience as well. So glad my friend told me about your web site. 

Outstanding tips on playing better bridge.  Thank you for all the recent information. 

You do a wonderful job gathering in all this information. 

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your work.  The emails you send really help to keep people connected to all the goings on.  This most recent email was especially helpful with all the links.  Thank you very much

I do appreciate all the many privileges that I, as a BIL member have been given and enjoy. You and your team have worked so tirelessly in making the BIL club the  success it is today. Without your total commitment and dedication towards this project, BIL would not be what it is today. It has also gained stature for Mentors and  Professional Teachers who want to establish exposure for their skills and services..

Many thanks for the BIL Gazette issue #5.  I was very disappointed to learn of the necessity for your entirely understandable and warranted rule changes.  I can only presume that some misguided souls saw the introduction of the Aces High competitions as some sort of back-handed way of inveigling cash out of them.  I know from about 4 months BIL membership how addictive internet bridge can be, especially on such a magnificent site as BBO, but when there's no compulsion to buy BBO $s to play surely people can take the optional extended facilities for what they are, optional.

As a semi-retired person I will have to ration myself to suit my pocket (with so much on offer for free it will hardly cost me a fortune!) but I'm happy to accept that as my responsibility.

I can only wish BBO and the BIL even greater success.

Thanks so much for what you have done and continue to do with the BIL.

Aces-High seems a great idea to me .... cannot understand the people who are complaining????    It is hard for me to get to many things as I work and living in Australia the times are awkward, but you are running a fantastic service to bridge players wanting to improve in a good environment ... Thanks again, A happy and appreciative member,

RIGHT ON.  Thoroughly agree with what you said.
I plan on playing in as many of the tournament as I can make time for - and much more convenient for me than many of the members.
I think we should help defray the cost of running BIL and its marvelous of you to give your time - also the many mentors and others.  Its a great place for beginning bridge players who probably wouldn’t even play if they had to play in the main room.
Keep up the good work and don't play any attention to the spoil sports.

I'm glad you expressed yourself and amended your rules to eliminate direct competition (by members)  with any sanctioned BIL event.

I think the Aces High tourneys will catch on. It just takes time for some folks to adjust to paying for events.  I hope mean-spirited players do not interrupt your efforts. 

Good for you, in making new rules for the BIL.  Hard to believe what people will do.

I think most people are tickled to death over this site and the effort all of you are making, in helping others learn and enjoy Bridge

I just read this week's  Gazette, I cannot believe anyone would object to having our own pay tournament!  One dollar! All the work that goes into making this site a pleasant place to learn and play If he/she does not have the means to pay this small amount, then they should keep quiet and enjoy the other events offered. This is mean spirited, and selfish! I opened a BBO$ account to play in the Main ACBL tournaments, but found the players so hateful and rude that I stopped playing after a few tries. When I read last week about Aces High, I rejoiced, finally A chance to play in a REAL tournament with my peers!

I was shocked to read in the newsletter that people are trying to interfere with Aces High.  The BIL gives more than I could ever repay.  Even if I never play in Aces High, the BIL deserves our financial support.  Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and the club.

Wow - my first BIL Gazette and it is jammed packed!!!   I know it is time consuming work to put something like this together..... GREAT JOB!!

I was surprised that there was an opposition the starting of Aces High tournaments.   As members of BBO and BIL, the very least we can do, is try , in some small way, to pay  back all we have enjoyed here. The free lessons we get from all who givetime and expertise to we who are learning bridge are invaluable. I support the Aces High tournaments 100% I am very lucky to have the opportunity to give something back.  I hope other members will realize how lucky they are to have this opportunity to learn and play in BBO.

Y have my full support re people who disturb Club activities.

There might be people who have no spare money, but that is certainly a big minority.

This however does not prevent them to take part in multiple free activities of the BBO.

I believe that we all who can afford it have an obligation to support in one or other way BBO who gives us the opportunity to learn and enjoy the benefits of this inventive and great Bridge site

Well said!   Agree totally with your rules.  Keep up the good work and many thanks.

Many thanks to you and the others for tireless efforts to help the beginners/intermediate

Once again thank you so much for your newsletters and for the incredible club that we have, I feel privileged to be able to say I am a BIL member

I am sorry to hear that there is active dissent amongst some BIL members. Personally i have heard nothing direct from anyone but i heard something from another BILlie today about someone asking what they thought of ACES HIGH and did they think it was a good idea they like the direction the BIL is taking by pay tourney and the BIL member said they were happy with everything the BIL does and please leave them alone.

These are my thoughts and feelings on the BIL which you can use any time with my name attached if you so wish :- I came to BBO about 16 months ago and joined the BIL and realised how little i knew in a short period of time (days).I attended the lessons i could i watched the stars play and learned a lot. I even had a mentor for a short period of time. free of charge (where else could you get that). The BIL has helped me no end ..i have people there i can ask questions of get advice that i need ..all free of charge. What do people want??  I don't know ..There is everything in the BIL for nothing and to pay pennies to a BIL tourney for those who can pay is not much to ask as it will benefit us all in the end. Thanks once again for the BIL Maureen because i can quite categorically say that if it was not for you and the BIL i would not be playing today or any other day as i would have given up playing for good. Keep up the good work and don't let the minority of short sighted fools get you down

Thank You for all your hard work.. I will be too busy to join anything over the next few days, but just wanted to say what a great idea "Aces" is. I have some dollars now and have played with trepidation just once. I do want to repay in some small way the great pleasure, and learning that being a member of BILLIES has brought to me 

Thanks.  I know you work very hard for the BIL.  It takes a lot of time to do a newsletter, etc.  Just want you to know that your efforts are appreciated.

I am a long-time, depending on where and what I am doing, bridge player.  I, however, have little experience in the new conventions.  I am interested; and I am reading, learning, and challenged thanks to your help.  Soon, I hope to play in some of the tournaments.  One of my hesitancies is the alert system.  I play in some duplicate groups here at home who use the boards, but they do not alert.  We use the duplicate boards and play the same hands, but we do not fill out convention cards nor do we alert our bids.  It's more of a challenge than party bridge, but it's not really an incentive to expand our knowledge.  I really like BBO and BIL and, in time, I plan to join your tournaments.  I usually just kibitz, but recently have begun to get my feet wet just a little bit. Again, thanks for letting me come into BIL.  The club and well as the newsletters have been a big help.

Thank you all for everything I'll try what you taught

Where oh where do you find the time to do all this work … I thank you

Just to congratulate you for the initiative and effort.

I just think it is about time that I told you what an amazing job you do for BBO

Just a quick note of thanks for the gazette and for highlights and links from the Beat The Experts match.  The match and commentary were most instructive. 

Your sainthood is coming.....

I am very grateful to belong to the BIL.

I have just read the latest edition of Gazette which always is of considerable interest.   What I wish to convey is my appreciation for the tremendous thought and effort you expend in managing this club and in publishing the Gazette. 

I have enjoyed playing in the beg. int. club along with sitting in on teaching tables but have yet to play in any tournament.  Perhaps down the road.  Of course, I've yet to discover all the gems provided by the club, as this is new territory for me, but what I do wish to say, is that hopefully I will become a better player.   Yesterday evening, we had an expert at our table as a player and who encouraged us to ask questions.   Well, I tell you it was a marathon brain effort playing against him!!   Forgotten his name.   By and large, everyone is very nice indeed and certainly have had more enjoyment there than playing in the main bridge club.

I just wanted to send you a note to say THANKS for all you do for the BIL.  I became a member quite a while back, but then family and work prevented me from playing much.  I've just gotten back to the BIL and it's better than ever. I'm pleased to be part of such a wonderful group.

Just over a year ago I become a member of the beginners/intermediate club which is the best club on the site.  There with all the teachers and wonderful players my bridge has improved and I have made many, many friends …So thank you for the best site on the web, for all your hard work and for being an inspiration to so many bridge players like myself.

Thanks for creating and maintaining  BIL.

I learn or brush- up on something every time I attend

i am a new member of bil and i really am enjoying it. i love your learning info that u send especially the gambling 3nt i didnt know the resp. but the people that i have played with are so nice, i was tired of the nerds or smart asses on the reg club. thanks again

I've been meaning to thank you for some time now for this BIL Gazette.

It's great source of information for me.

you are very much appreciated for all the  time and effort you have put into the BIL for us learners.  You are remarkable.  Thank you for all you do

Thanks for the Gazette!!! Finally I received it. Wonderful...

Have a nice day and see you on BBO. BBO is great and I have met a lot of nice people there. One player from the Netherlands came and said hello to me and stayed for 12 days. Really amazing.

Just remember old dog you are an inspiration to us all.

Thanks for your e-mails - this one and the one of 7/31.  Looks like BBO is a great organization for playing bridge, be it for anyone choosing to play in the main room or someone like me who looks forward to playing in your wonderful sounding BIL.  Although I don't always have that much time available to play bridge online, I certainly hope to play as much as I can.  I have SOOOOOOO much to learn.  Thanks for all the work it looks like you are doing for the Club.

Your dedication, insights and self determination are the main key to the success of the BIL. You have continuously provided a high quality group of mentors and professors for us billies and have always assured that the programmed activities would evolve in the best of the friendly and polite environment.

I do remember how scared and timid I felt when I joined BBO. I spent days kibitzing players at the main lobby not daring to sit at any table, but quite soon I found out about BIL. That was the best thing that happened in my bridge life, since I don’t have the opportunity to play face to face bridge where I live.

For almost a year I have played at BIL almost every day. I have attended lessons, tournaments, met friends and the most important of all met a partner who taught me not to be afraid of advanced or experts and pushed me to play in open tournaments.  I am no longer afraid of them. J

I have graduated but as I have already told you BIL is a place I compare to home and I would not  like to be outside its coziness. I will try to be there as much as possible. Please let me know if you needed me for anything to help you and the billies.

Thank you, thank you, for your guidance... and most of all for being you.. and starting the BIL club where the likes of me feel comfortable

Thank you for your charming welcome letter, it is greatly appreciated.

I hope to become a worthy member of your group.

Thanks for all the valuable bridge information, I am very happy to be able to participate.

I think you are TERRIFIC!!  I am only an occasional BILlie as my young kids and overscheduled life make frequent on-line play impossible.  I am sure you know how much you do for the BIL.  Don't let the complainers get you down!

It is always fun to read the newsletter and to get over a play a bit.  Some day I will get to even take the lessons!

For what it is worth, I would consider paying a (hopefully nominal) fee to keep the club open.  I have not played any pay tournaments, and only about two open tournies on BBO.  I value the newsletter, and really value the place to play without feeling like an idiot.  If I could play more frequently, I would also consider the pay tournaments, but when I can only squeeze in the time infrequently, I have no idea whether or when I will hit a pay tournament.  Thus, for me, as someone who values the club, paying dues would let me best pull my own weight.

Thanks for the amazing amount of work you do.

I have been a member of BBO and BIL for several months now but still consider myself very raw as I struggle with typing and with the computer system - SO I am SLOW!! But your newsletter has motivated me to say hello..     As long as you are happy for me to play a casual game once or twice a week and to absorb the wonderful hints and news on your site I am happy to stick around.

am quite sure I speak for the majority of BIL members when I tell you you are doing a yeoman job, way above and beyond what anyone has the right even to hope for, much less expect. I am sorry that we don't say thank you as loudly and as often as we should.  THANK YOU!

The work you have done has been way above and beyond the call of duty, and likewise that of Ladystar.  And I'm sure neither of you receive the accolades you so richly deserve.  Please know that the other 2699 of us are in your debt and truly appreciate everything you do.

As a bridge beginner I find BBO as priceless opportunity to even more enjoy in that fascinating game. Discovering BIL was the treasure for itself - my wife and I (we are partners) are delighted to have, at last, somebody to ask. Thanks Maureen for your help, you are so wonderful,

Thank you so much for all the information. I look forward to taking part and becoming a real "hands on" member. thank you.

Just wanted to let you know that your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated. BIL seems to be the most successful club in BBO . I think the Jackpots are a good idea, and for the most part the members of BIL are friendly and fair players

Although I am a quite bull-headed intermediate (even at the local club...I am more concerned with how I do in relation to the "better" players), I am grateful to have the BIL available to "recover" from the occasional abuses and intolerance of the Main Bridge Club.

Please rest assured that there are players like myself around who thank you for your efforts.

I love being able to play in the BIL lounge and have learnt from many people.   Nearly everyone that i have played with has been helpful some more so than others, thank you for starting and running this club, my regret is that I cant play often enough and then sometimes when I have time it seems others don't.  so thanks,

You are wonderful Maureen … how fortunate we are to have you ...

Wish I had BIL when I began playing and I am honored that you allow me to be a proud member now …I would like to be a member of BIL forever

I enjoyed reading your last email on "The Bil."  I am a relatively new member of the squad who mentors some of your players.  It helped me to better understand your philosophy.  I know you are providing an invaluable service to these folks...if they only knew the money you are saving them they would be astounded.  I play in the ACBL and I can testify that masterpoints cost matter how well you play!  Rest assured  I do not assume my students want to play duplicate bridge.  I ask them what their objectives are and try to accommodate them.  So far, their goal is to play duplicate so I have been able to use my experience to best use.  I applaud your accomplishments and efforts.

A few months ago, my wife and I signed up for BBO and almost immediately joined the BIL. We have played bridge for a few years but this is our first experience with on-line bridge. I wanted to let you know that the BIL has been everything we could want, and then some. It did take us a while to relax into on-line bridge but we now enjoy it as much as we do going to the club.
As to the BIL == It is a great pleasure to be able to play with people from all over the world. Everyone we run into want to learn and improve and most have skill levels  similar to ours. We can't say enough about the classes -- I am sure that our bridge has already started to improve. As soon as I get past a glitch we are having getting money into the system, we are ready to try our hand at the tournaments.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to you and your helpers. This is a great service you offer to the bridge world!

You don’t know me, I don’t know you. When I first logged on to BBL I was scared. I had never been on a Bridge web-site in my life and I wanted to do everything “properly”. Not upset other players with my lack of knowledge and protocol or good manners. I discovered BIL and felt SAFE. Your views in Issue 38 Gazette are exactly right and it is a shame that some will abuse the environment you have so lovingly created. Please keep up the good work and don’t let the pathetic minority grind you down, the vast majority are behind you.

I haven't realized how much of a commitment you have made to this site, and therefore, us...Thank you so much for everything...It has added a new dimension to my life..

Thanks for all the work you do in the BIL.

Thanks again for everything  you do, it's a very large effort and you do it well.

next is to tell you how much i appreciate your work and to let you know how important the bil has become for me.  in all honestly, my life is so full with my work, studying new things, my family, children, and grandchildren.  sometimes, well, i can hardly breathe and dont know which direction to turn to first.  yet, with all of this, i find myself turning as often as i can, and even for small amounts of time when my eyes want to close so badly, just to enter this wonderful place. 

 even though i am mostly still watching, with the help of john my mentor, my confidence is growing and i feel like i am  starting out, albeit in the autumn of life, on something that feels like an amazing adventure.  i am totally addicted to bridge, and the bil.  the people are amazingly nice. so a million thank you's for all the work that you do.  you are oh so very appreciated.

thank you so much for everything that you do for the sake of bridge and the world there should be more people like you in the world thank you 

BIL is very dear to me, a place were I intend to spent a lot of time with the many, many friends I have encountered and the list will grow as I am sure BIL will also flourish.

Happy Holidays..... The BIL is finishing up another great year.  It's absolutely the BEST place to be while on BBO.  Thanks to You and all of Santa's helpers ( Lounge Assistants, Teachers, Mentors, Volunteers, and the membership itself).  I look forward to the New Year and all the wonderful opportunities and pleasures that BBO provides us, in our quest to become better Bridge players.  Viva la BIL

Time to reflect upon the fantastic work that you and all the other wonderful people do for us in BIL/BBO, we cannot thank you enough, simply impossible :-)

But dear Maureen, let me emphasize my deepest respect of what you do, your unselfish work, your very own person that brightens our everyday and every week life with the utmost pleasure of being member of BIL and blessed with BBO as our daily meeting place where we all can join our good friends and spend some wonderful moments leaving the world outside.

let my thanks for your work at the BIL, which i will express again and again, be a tiny contribution to comfort you these days. i would like to mention just one part of the BIL: the gazette. i am always happy, when it comes up on my screen. but i never read it there. i print it out, take it with me to my bed and read it there laying warm and comfortable. the infos are good, but what i like most is, that i can get almost through every single letter a glimpse on your personality. THANK you so much, you are doing a great job and the gazette is not the smallest part of it.

The Gazette" is the same as all  the other things in BIL: excellent! My wife and me are really happy to be the part of this Club. Thank You for all your efforts to make our bridge learning so  enjoyable.


( My Thanks to the authors of the above and to the many who leave me messages on BBO - Maureen)