BIL Members have their say 2003

Extracts from Notes of Appreciation

Well done and good luck ..... if this is not a success It will not be for the lack of good imaginative work and a lot of hard work.

This lounge is a superb idea and thank you for all you are doing.

Very many thanks for your messages and mostly for the hard work you do for the Beginner/Intermediate Lounge. I am glad my registration was confirmed.

Thank you for your time and efforts towards the success of the Beg/Int room. I played in the first tournament with a new partner and had a wonderful experience. Its a little intimidating seeing some of those kibs up there but playing in Shep’s sessions has helped me overcome that.

Bless your heart. I have longed for tourneys with my peers I will look forward to tourneys and your mail. This will take awhile I'm sure, so be of stout heart,.

I just wanted to let you know that what you have created has been appreciated...

thanks so much. I  look forward to learning and playing good bridge...

Hi,  Thanks for the great information!   I will be attending all the sessions my schedule allows (including the beg. ones --- a good review never hurt anyone Your work and enthusiasm are both appreciated!!

Thanks I have & I do appreciate Very much & I   will enjoy lessons a bunch

Many thanks   Maureen for some sterling work behind the scenes in setting up and organizing the club, it is a great idea to allow us lesser players somewhere to play, discuss and learn how to play better bridge.

Just want to say what a absolutely bloomin' marvelous job you are doing.  It must, sometimes, seem like you spend heaps of time developing email with all the info you are putting out and it only takes us a minute or so to read it.  I look forward to receiving them and I can assure you they are informative, extremely interesting and yet make people aware of the rules and guidelines without repetition, etc.  Our private club must be the most busy club at BBO.

Whilst the ideal scenario is that we all move on from being Beginners/Intermediates, it is to be hoped that you are a slow learner in order that you can continue to provide these excellent emails!!?! [lol]  But then again, hopefully by the time you have moved to up the bridge ladder, most of us will have moved up too and you will still be providing us with this excellent copy in another club other than B/I club.

Thanks very much for all the good work you did for the Pro/Am Tournament.  Your efforts are appreciated and all went off without an observable hitch -- Bravo! Super! Great Work!

 What did we do without you? The `gifts` you have given in your time and effort to make the game of bridge enjoyable to the masses is immeasurable. We have so many opportunities to learn about the game that we did not have before you opened our Lounge. My sincere thanks and gratitude to you, may you continue to have good health and the zeal for what you are doing.  

 I would like to thank you for the great job you are doing and specially for the lessons and the excellent players who teach. The tournament is secondary but i know you had a lot of work with that and my hat's off to you.

Thanks again and I know that all beg/int. players who are members of your club will have a great souvenir of you and will remember that they have learn to play bridge with you.

Wanted to thank you for all the work you did for the Pro/Am.  For me it was such a high.  Learned a lot from my partner.  He gave me tips, advice and was so kind.  It was a very good learning experience which I enjoyed very much.

Before hand, I felt that the program was going to be very good but it was even far better than I thought. Outstanding Pros, nice new people to meet and great lessons were learned in a format that was the best possible way to teach that which we were there for.. Our Very best to you and thanks again for all the time, trouble and effort you gave in putting it together. It was a real wonderful time.

You are doing one terrific, wonderful, fantastic job with the Beg/Interm Lounge!