Members have their say 2016

I really do enjoy the Marathon every year and always wish it were twice a year

You have done so much for the bridge world and think that you are the hidden gem to the ACBL world, such a shame.  Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done to encourage improving our bridge skills

 The key question is, do you know how much you are appreciated? I hope you do!!

Thank you for all you do for BIL is a privilege to belong to such a wonderful group.

without you & your vision, there would be no BIL for so many to enjoy. 

I played in the marathon tournament and had the best time.  The people were amazing and very helpful.  I still need to become more proficient on the site.  The highlight was playing with Sylvia Fay.  It was quite exciting and a little scary with members watching.  But I played with her and the group for at least an hour.  Just loved it.  I am so happy to find BIL and thank you for starting such a wonderful group.  I look forward to learning and playing lots of bridge.

Through the BIL you have given such an incredible gift to me and so many others.  Just think about the number of people who would not be playing bridge now, if not for your vision and caring. I wish I could make such a difference to as many people as you have.  You are an amazing woman, Maureen

. I think the BIL is doing something really important.

Yesterday I drove up to St. Petersburg Florida to meet Stacey “Hi Its Me” at a workshop with Barbara Seagram. My reason for going was that I wanted to meet a BBO BIL player that I had met in Richard’s class. Although a bit apprehensive I was so glad to have my little adventure. We talked lots about BIL and all the benefits and how lovely you are to help everyone as are all the teachers. So thank you. I think you will get a pic of the event. Enjoy your part in building a community.

wanted to let you know that boldbida is a great mentor who has changed my game but also added a lot to my life as I so enjoy bridge. Your work to make this possible is invaluable to me.

thankyou for all the work you do. It is very much appreciated.

Thank YOU for all your efforts to make this all available. I just wanted you to know that I am happy to recommend BIL to anyone interested in learning or just improving their game.

All the very best and thank you for all you are doing to help bridge all over the world.

Our sessions with Des have been wonderful.  She is a generous and caring mentor…we all learned SO MUCH through her tutelage and her knowledge. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to study with Des!

I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Des - what a remarkable women - one I can only aspire to be dedicated, encouraging and knowledgeable - truly one like no other.  The BIL mentorship progam has provided me with fabulous opportunities to learn from the likes of Prad who gave me a wonderful start to Zasanya who pushed my bridge knowledge - but Des - words cannot express my gratitude - thank you Maureen for providing me every available chance to learn bridge, improve my game and learn with the best.  I am truly thankful.  

Thank you Maureen for being a continuing ROCK for us. 

The BIL is so lucky to have you at the helm

As always I have the highest regard for you and BIL and what you have done and continue to do for the new players coming to BBO.

I've enjoyed the BIL and have learned a tremendous amount from it Thanks for the great support you give the bridge world.

you are our Sun :)

It sounds very interesting and I envy those who will have the pleasure of learning this new system for counting.  Let me tell u again how much the old BIL was a blessing especially for some one with my handicap.  Thanks So much.

I just renewed my BIL for another two years.  The session with Barbara Seagram yesterday was worth more than my renewal cost.  She is amazing!  and so gracious!  and patient!  Thank you for all the great stuff BIL provides for us.

Thank you so much for the BIL and all that it offers to the online bridge community! It is an amazing safe haven and opportunity for all interested in learning the wonderful and oh so challenging game of bridge.

I do very much appreciate all you do to help us with our bridge

BIL is the best place on the internet for newer players, and Maureen is the best person around to tell you what resources are available there.

I want to thank you and CJ (QWYZ) for the wonderful lessons she put on these past 2 months on Tuesday 1PM Eastern together with her brilliant assistant, Rose Mary. Tomorrow will be her last lesson and she has helped me 100% in my understanding and play.Teaching really comes natural to CJ .  She is so precise and challenges us in our Bridge thinking.
What a wonderful gift you and all the teachers provide.  I am very grateful for all the learning sessions I have had over these past few years. Thank you so much

Thank you for all you give to so many.  We love and appreciate you

The work you have done for the Bridge World just cannot be fathomed, nor properly given the thanks you deserve!  You are an amazing woman.  Please continue to blossom and flourish.

You are doing wonders for the game and we are all truly grateful to you. You have created a tremendous spirit. You can always distinguish the Bilies from the rest. 

I think I'm coming on two years in BIL and I want you to know how much I have enjoyed it. What a wonderful way to learn and enjoy bridge!  Thank you for all your hard work. 

kudos go to you and all your staff and volunteers that make BIL so special!!

I want to thank you for being a good director of such a nice online club which gives us a great environment to learn bridge.
I am appreciate your help and dedication .

Thank you for all the bridge films presented in the BIL;  they  are really excellent! 

Dear MaureenI've just learned about your illness and major surgery that came as a real surprise and shock. You seemed invulnerable to health issues with all the heroic work you do for the BIL club. I think there are thousands of us who learned bridge and became better players.
My very best wishes to you for a speedy recovery to full health. The BIL club wouldn't be the same without you.Warmest regards,

I am very eager to improve my bridge and have enjoyed my bridge so much more since I joined BIL. I commend you on starting the BIL.

You are the best.   I visited Karen in Azore to meet after BIL.  I am that crazy about the game.  Duplicate changed my life, I am the happiest player I know.  Thank you for all you do.  I am trying to convince everyone to play, I am only playing 4 years, never touched the cards before.   I was desperate, asked my son to teach me how to shuffle, he said that's nothing to learn, then he saw me, told me that I can't go to bed till I learn.  Now I have  so much fun, I want to spread my joy with others like you do.  I know what you do.  I am a big fan of yours.  Thank you, thank you. 

I will cherish the many years that I called the BIL home. Thanks for making 13 years of my life special.  You surely have been a special person in my life. 

Thanks for many years of bridge tips, instruction, games, etc. etc.  
Am now 91 years old and not enjoying the bridge so much - forget too many times to be enjoyable.
Good luck to all those still trying and playing - the best card game ever !!!
You have done so much to make it enjoyable for all  - keep up the good work !!!

OK, all the welcome emails are out and waiting for the response rush:):)   I would think that with all you do for bridge, the requests for help should pour in regularly.  You are unique indeed dear Lady. 

I am proud to be a member of such a worth while and well run club. Your generosity of spirit exceeds the norm .

Thank you so much for what you have been doing for the game for so long

I am forever grateful to you for ALL that you did/do for my bridge and indeed for me as a person-BBO has filled many a gap in my life...

Thank you for your gift of The BIL. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful opportunities and friendships offered by our beloved BIL. I will never “graduate” and I don’t want to!  I love the friendly, supportive environment here to learn some of this wonderful game. How can I ever thank you?