Members have their say 2015

You remain one of my true inspirations

 It gives me great pleasure to help out the Billies and I hope that the time I spend with everyone shows that we are together as a happy group. 

You are such a special lady whom it is my great pleasure to know. I pray this year is one of great contentment as you continue to help us all

I have had much enjoyment from my mentees- thx for the opportunity

please know how much we all appreciate YOU!

I receive so many messages of gratitude regarding our classes that I know my efforts are not wasted; I know they are appreciated. I  think everyone appreciates all that you do and have done for so many including me. 

BILlies and mentors/teachers really appreciate all you for us too!

Thank you for making Bridge a pleasant experience for newbies on BBO. 

Thank you for everything that you do for us billies. For all your time and effort that you spend to make this the best club.

Thanks very much for your hard work all year long.

Thank YOU for making the BIL a reality. It has been a great source of pleasure for me since the Fall of 2012 when I discovered it and was so excited I bought a lifetime membership.

the Marathon is truly great way for us all to enjoy each other and the BIL - thank you for all you do for all of us.

It is a pleasure to be part of the BIL, not only has my bridge improved, but I have also met wonderful people in the process.

Personally, I have received email messages and chats telling me of my improvement in the game of bridge. At face 2 face, I an not reminded how to play now and one good player at a club said "You played that perfectly." Peter is helping us become the kind of bridge players others will seek to partner with and also the kind that opponents will dread.

its a privilege to be an active part of BIL, helping in small way to ensure its continued  source of bridge knowledge for all BILIES

You do so much to help us learn.  Thank you for all you do.

Thank you for your very nice note. I was in billies retreat last evening with my mentor. I can not say enough about the great reception I have received since becoming a BIL member. 

You are providing a lovely service with BIL and I'm very glad to keep my membership.

Thank you very much for all the wonderful work you are doing!

...... my puny efforts pale in comparison to what you have accomplished for beginning bridge players over the years. It was my great pleasure to assist you in this endeavor.

I appreciate all you do for us and really enjoyed working with Yasser. He is an excellent player/mentor and have benefited working with him. 

You have changed my life and for the better".

What a wonderful achievement that you have made to the bridge world and brought pleasure to thousands of us. I cannot express my appreciation to you for all that you have done for me-both with bridge and friendship.

I pretty much learnt all my bridge basics in the BIL after being a card player most of my life. You have been an absolute star and still are in a lot of peoples eyes in what you've given and still strive to give to aspiring bridge players and bridge players alike for very little and many would have buckled a long time ago.

I know for sure that without the BIL I would not have maintained my interest in bridge.Bravo for a job well done Maureen

As you know, I thought I was a pretty good bridge player until I had my mentors from the BIL, who taught me so much.  With some luck, I found a partner who has taken me under his wing and furthered my bridge knowledge

I know you know; but I would like to reiterate that without the BIL I wouldn't be where I am today. I have learned to play a game that I love, met wonderful friends, and am forever grateful for the opportunities you have given me through the BIL.It is truly a wonderful club, a wonderful learning environment.

What a treasure you are. but think your work is priceless.

Thank you for all you have done for so many people over the years,

Thanks Maureen for all you have done for the BIL and the players.  I appreciate that your efforts have benefitted me. Thanks again

you do a great service.

I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your and all the volunteers time and effort that has been put into helping the new ones like myself find a place to learn this wonderful game.

you have done so much for so many of us.

you have always been too kind - you have been wonderful

I have benefitted in more ways than just learning bridge...made friends and still keep in touch that is worth much more than just playing to me!  Thank you for your continued hard work in keeping everything going Maureen, and for being there

BIL membership gave me value in the thousands of dollars.  Four times in a row I placed first in my face2face social groups and 2nd other times.  I even came in first in one of the BIL tournaments and have now joined a bridge club to play duplicate. I am still a beginner, but oh how I love playing the game of bridge have made such a difference!

I would like to say thank you dear Maureen for your extraordinary contribution  over the many years that I have known of you and wish you well.

you have done so much for so many of us.

You have done an amazing job at making new players comfortable and eager to play bridge.

I thought of all you hard work for this wonderful site you created thank you very much Maureen !

Thanks so much for all you have done over the yrs.  Your best consolaton is all the people all over the world you have helped drawn into the wonderful world of bridge

What you have done for Bridge and BBO and continue to do is amazing. 

The BIL is so much more than the Learn Bridge Classroom.  I feel indebted to you and other volunteers for all the time and knowledge shared with members.  The mentoring, alone, is worth a contribution.  Plus, the classes and many hours of connecting and playing with other BIL members.  What the BIL has to offer is priceless, and I thank you for your selflessness.

 I would never have got where I am without BIL. I am just really consolidating, but I have the basics

you have put in a huge effort, thank you.  

I want to thank you for all of your time and efforts on behalf of all bridge players, and especially those of us who have a lot to learn.  Thank you for your time and effort.

. The BIL is so much more than the Learn Bridge Classroom.  I feel indebted to you and other volunteers for all the time and knowledge shared with members.  The mentoring, alone, is worth a contribution.  Plus, the classes and many hours of connecting and playing with other BIL members.  What the BIL has to offer is priceless, and I thank you for your selflessness.

it is awesome what you have done so far

You have done so much for new players - we definitely appreciate you.  Your efforts will stand for all time!  Thanks a million!

BIL made a big difference to my bridge life :) I am now the local newbie star i started clubs 18 months ago have acbl point count  260 40 gold 45 silver 35 red. it is a big deal :) i now play with 3 A players regularly And others want to play with me ty again, I wouldn't have made the progress without the BIL

I use the movies and lecture notes and weekly/special online teachings (Chick, Euvid etc) and the many other ways you make available to us to continue to learn bridge.  No, I don't need anything to be technologically updated!!  It's the information that is the message, not the packaging. Thanks for all you give to your BILees.

I have read with disappointment of the closing of the BIL Classroom. What a shame! You have given so much to this endeavor and we all owe you a lot as a result. I still recognize the importance of this resource for many bridge players world-wide.

When I first started playing bridge I eagerly​ sought help in learning how to play bridge, I was guided to the BIL by a fellow Novice, I loved playing in the tournies (most days) and I made many friends there along the way, I thank you so much for all YOUR Help and all of my fellow friends help too, without the guidance from the BIL I would NOT enjoy the Camaraderie  from my Now Many many friends throughout the world Also I would Like to Thank My Mentors,  Malcolm43 and angervea for their Patience and Help as they Tried to teach an OLD dog New Tricks...Aka Bridge.

That spirit of mutual co-operation and openness is very prevalent in the BIL Club, and you have an army of fans only too glad to help out with whatever they can, and that's largely down to your own guidance and attitude. You should be very proud of all that you have achieved so far, the club that you have created is both remarkable and unique in my view. Most people lucky enough to have benefited from it are only too glad to give back whatever they can. My own understanding and playing of the game has improved immeasurably thanks to my association with the club, and I will always consider that I am in your debt for the joy and deep love for the game that the Club has given me, and I know that many of the people I associate with regularly feel much the same way.

Having just completed a six-month mentoring session with Fred Nlobe, I must express my appreciation to the BIL, and to its mentoring program in particular, for making Fred available to me and to our mentoring group.  I believe that Fred’s teachings, guidance and patience have helped to push my bridge game to a much higher level.  In Fred’s honor, and in appreciation of his efforts, I have just made a contribution to the BIL mentoring program so that the BIL can continue to provide mentors to beginner/intermediate bridge players seeking to improve their bridge skills.  Keep up the good work.

thanks for all the help that I got from Boldbida.  It has been an incredible learning experience and has enriched me greatly.....Thanks also to you for having this program which has provided so much to so many

 You have done so much for the BILlies over the years, and continue to do so. You were a big help to me getting the classes started. ...Thanks again for your tireless work.

I appreciate all you do SO MUCH ...and that's worth the world to me

I just want to thank you for the work and dedication that you have shown to the BIL over the years.  It has been quite a while since I have utilized the BIL, but I will never forget the warm, welcoming environment that you showed me!  I am also very grateful for the mentor that you provided me when I was a beginner.  I learned to play bridge totally on line, and I am confident that had I not had the BIL I would not have be a bridge player today.  Perhaps you might remind BBO that as a result of your assistance and the BIL, I now regularly spend @ $100 per month playing in ACBL tourneys on the site.  Without the BIL, I would have never done so.  BBO benefits from your work.Thank you for your hard work and dedication.....  Bridge has really changed how I interact with the world, and I will be forever grateful to you for that!

 I so appreciate all your work! ........... my mentor was so informative while at the same time delightful!

I have learned so much from the BIL. It is an amazing club.

I think you do a wonderful job with the BIL

You have made my bridge learning journey so much easier.

Your dedication, your hard work and love and everything else you put into the BIL are so much more than anything I could ever even have dreamed of doing. The contributions you make to the game are absolutely phenomenal and you have helped so many people, including me. I still go to the BIL library and download lessons and play through time from time to time and just marvel at how much is available. No one needs to buy books or anything else - it is all online - good quality material !!! How lucky everyone is ! I feel honored to be a part of this.

I love the BIL so much I wanted to do something to support. Thanks for all you do to make it a cozy place to learn and play Bridge.

You have done so much for so many people. I get updates from my ''classmates'' and from the players I have taught/mentored. I hope that my mathematics teaching has been as well done! in my life time. You are my hero

 I have learned so much from the BIL. It is an amazing club.

I have gotten so much from BIL--I don't think I would enjoy bridge so much if BIL hadn't been there when I first joined BBO/BIL and started to learn duplicate. You have given so much of yourself to BIL. Its too bad the problems you have with BBO. I hope things work out so you can take it easy and enjoy your ''stepchild.''I am truly grateful to you as are so many people who have enjoyed BIL over the years.

I am enjoying the camaraderie among everyone at BIL and talk to all my friends at my local club about it and sing your praises. It has certainly filled a niche for me in my pursuit of improving my bridge.

I have much respect for Maureen and what she has accomplished and what she is trying to do to keep Bilbridge alive.  I certainly want Bilbridge to succeed as it is a wonderful venue for beginner/intermediate players to learn and improve their game.

I am a big fan of the BIL for beginning/intermediate players.   I appreciate all the opportunities and safety it provided me to learn the game of bridge and to meet so many wonderful people ( as witnessed by all the pictures we keep sending you).   Can't understand why the ones way above us in ability, don't see and cherish the value of a safe place for beginner's and intermediates that won't scare away less skilled and timid players and thus expand the game which is good for everyone involved in bridge. Your motto is 'cherish your partner'-  I learned as a beginner/intermediate to 'cherish the BIL'  which indirectly means you too (for the wonderful idea that you brought to fruition).

Thanks for continuing the BIL. It has been very helpful for both of us in our bridge development especially the mentoring

Though Bridge was something my parents and grandparents would play, I never got around to getting seriously “involved” till 2007, working my way through the “Learn to Play Bridge” programs, thanks to ACBL and Fred Gitelman! I plunged into BBO…and on my first board ….my partner very kindly suggested I join the BIL first for a while! I did, and will be ever grateful to Maureen Hall, founder of this wonderful learning environment the BIL!!

Everyone I know loves the BIL and wants it to continue and of course considers it of value.  I know there have been some unwanted, frustrating and infuriating setbacks, but we can still have classes, mentors,  special events, and hosted play time. 
Everyone loves what you have created and nurtured for all these years and they also want to help your efforts to make it the best it can be.  Your friend and supporter with xxoo,

And ty for helping so many of us across the country and world to have fun and enjoyment different from grand angels and family .

My mentor has been an excellent mentor - very down to business, focused AND patient! Certainly I am further along than I was when I started six months ago. Also I am enjoying the camaraderie among everyone at BIL and talk to all my friends at my local club about it and sing your praises. It has certainly filled a niche for me in my pursuit of improving my bridge. Thank you for all that you do!

Thank you Maureen for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to 'give back' what was so freely given me when I first joined BIL.  I have met some very wonderful people from all around the world and have enjoyed spending time in helping them learn SAYC

Happy birthday, BIL!!! And thank you, Maureen, for starting this.  I would never be where I am in bridge if it were not for the BIL. I know you get discouraged at times but, believe me, you have changed so many lives by giving us the gift of learning bridge. Think of the BIL members who are too sick to do anything but play bridge with their BIL family. And think of those who have lost a loved one- the BIL family is what gets them through the worst times. And then think of people like me, a homebody introvert who has BIL friends all over the world. You have really made a huge difference in our lives.

I have been thinking about you all day today in wonder of what you have created for us all of us to enjoy. Your personal sacrfices have been great but know that you are loved and appreciated by this Billie

I admire how you cope- you are strong, wonderful and special –thankyou for coming into my life.

You do such a wonderful service for all of us and I thank you very much.

Thank you for everything that you do for us billies. For all your hard work and dedication. The BIL is a great club for all of us to learn and grow in.

Thank you, Maureen, for the opportunity, the fun, and for all you do for the BIL and for Bridge!!

Most of the credit for the BIL goes to you and your tireless efforts. Applause!

always a pleasure to help you as a big thank you for all YOU do for the benefit of everyone

thanks for your efforts to keep BIL a quality place to learn our game. I can only imagine how much time and energy you put into it.

I must say, the amount of work you put into BIL is off the chart!!  - as are the opportunities for new folks to get good stuff from BIL. 

Thank you Maureen!! Without your tireless efforts and contributions, this would not be possible.  I have the BIL to thank for my bridge journey, as this is where I learned the fundamentals of the game including the Beginning Bridge program.  thanks to you!!

Can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy the Gazette.  Thank you!

thank you putting together and running the BilBridge mentoring program.  You and the amazing mentors like Jan help so many new players like me learn this great game of bridge.  I appreciate it very much.

thanking you for all you have done for myself and every member, past and present, when you created the BIL and all it has to offer.

You have been an inspiration to me over the last several years since I have been a BILies member!  Thank you so much.

All who do things for the BIL do it because we have this great leading lady behind it :)

 I wanted to tell you it’s been a great year of a lot of fun and amazing learning on BIL.   I spread the word whenever I can.

I have recommended the BIL to so many people and the feedback is always so positive. You really bring so much to people's lives !! 

You are such a good example to follow...innovative, persevering, flexible, and most of all gracious and caring..glad our paths have crossed