BIL Members have their say in 2012

Extracts from Notes of Appreciation

i am lacking the words to praise, what u did to get the BIL up to its state of today !!! and obviously a lot of bridge adicts feel the same and try to contibute., like all the people, who helped to run the marathon. the library is GOLD now . mni,mni THX !!!

With this message I want to say THANK YOU to youuuuuuuuuuuuu, \ because you care about all ............. !!!!!!! I am happy to be a BIL member

 I appreciate what a unique environment that you have setup and the work that you, Douglas and others, have done in making the BIL a safe, competitive learning environment

We're looking forward to lots more learning and playing opportunities in the great BIL.

 I can’t begin to tell you how much the BIL has meant in my life the past two years that I’ve been active.  I send silent thank you’s every time I play in a practice session, take a class,  meet friends for a team match, make mistakes and feel like an idiot...  Your vision of a friendly place for us to play and learn this crazy game has made the difference for me.

.....most of all for BIL – I have enjoyed being a member, playing, learning, etc.  It has been a great experience

Imagine the world -wide connections you have started

I discovered BBO about 3 yrs ago, and now addicted! and when I found BIL, thought I had died and gone to Heaven. tks for all your hard work, esp putting up with tech challenged people like me!"

The BIL is a great place with great people ... Thanks to YOU !!! Thanks for your time and the great job you have accomplished in BIL

I want to thank you for the mentoring I received from Rose.  She is a great teacher and I have learned so much.  I am so glad she told me about BIL.  This has been a wonderful experience for me and I can't thank you and Rose enough. 

BILbridge is a wonderful organization.  I'm meeting new friends, improving my bridge playing, challenging my brain, and having a lot of fun. Thank you for your dedication to this organization. 

What you do is amazing and very much appreciated!  

I think it is great that the website and the BIL is in everyone's priority for playing and learning, and you do an amazing, continuing, expensive, back breaking job of running the program.  I thank you now for all that you do to provide this incredible web experience to those who take advantage of it.  

I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for this amazing bridge club you founded. The bil programs are incredible, especially the private mentoring program. Thank for all the help you have given me since I joined 2 yrs ago.  Whenever I had a problem,  you were always there to walk me through it

. It is certainly true about the dear friends, partners, and fun the BIL has provided to all of us, and the best teachers money can't buy.

I am so grateful for BIL and all it has done to help me and everyone else! I feel I owe complete support for BIL and anything it offers its members ... So again, I have you to thank for BIL and all it's activities!!! Thank you very much!!!

You never cease to amaze me with how on-top you are of EVERYTHING!  You’re on top of computer technology, never-ending software revisions, prompt email notices/responses, planning opportunities for BIL members, maintaining the BIL Library, managing accounting and the BIL, and tons more…whew! 

Thanks very much for all you do. We all appreciate and love BIL

Oh my goodness, what a nice surprise in addition to all the fun and help I get in the BIL.  I love the tourneys, lessons and practice in BIL.  What a wonderful resource!

Appreciate all that you do to maintain such a wonderful environment for learning this great game.

you put so much effort into all the resources available through BIL.  We are most grateful and once i’ve been through this mentoring period i shall hopefully have the skills to offer to mentor beginners myself… what goes around, comes around.

Thanks for making it possible.  I am spending so much time in the BIL, I think I might need to leave a change a clothes and a toothbrush there. 

Thank you again for all the work you and the others do . It is appreciated. We just don't tell you often enough

Wow, thanks a certificate for all that thinking!!!! Must let you know this class was delightful. I had taken another beginner class and was out there playing, but honestly just by the seat of my pants... I really feel like I am getting the basis for the whole game.... I am looking forward to the next classes.It is truly a testament to your's and Phillip's expertise that the class remained and participated. Finding the BIL has been a blessing, finding your class a magical bonus.

 Finding the BIL is a Blessing is true for an uncountable number of people, including your Sandy.  So again, just to remind you—your blood, sweat, tears, smiles, moments of insight and vision are of immeasurable impact and everlasting. 

Keep up the good work you do for all of us Billies.  Believe me Maureen it does not go unnoticed by many of us Billies

Receiving the Gazette is the most enjoyable thread that binds the BIL family together. You are truly a rare and selfless lady. What you do for thousands of us does not go unnoticed nor unappreciated. I am humbled by your energy and effort. A forever volunteer

I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for this amazing bridge club you founded. The bil programs are incredible, especially the private mentoring program

your BIL is a wonderful thing to be part of. Thankyou for all your work and encouragement.

I cannot thank you enough for making the BIL possible.  My local bridge instructor suggested your site to me.  She said that it changed her life and she thought that I, too, would enjoy and benefit from the wonderful opporunity you have provided for us to learn and play bridge.  In the last year, I have highly recommended the BIL to many friends.  I know of at least 11 friends that are all now full BIL members and are delighted to be so!  Daily, I continue to spread the good news of the BIL.  So, here's to you, dear, Maureen!  Again, many thanks!

Thanks so much for all of the BIL information I have read it and am impressed with the organisation of it. Congratulations on all of your endeavours.

Maureen you touch everyone's hearts in so many way, what a wonderful person you are

Let me emphasise my deepest respect of what you do, your unselfish work, your very own person that brightens our everyday and every week with the utmost pleasure of being member of the BIL where we can join our good friends and spend some wonderful moments leaving the world outside.

Time to reflect upon the fantastic work that you and all the other wonderful people do for us in the BIL we cannot thank you enough - simply impossible.

   I am completely delighted with the BIL in every way!   Again, I'd like to thank you for making this wonderful opportunity possible for so many people.   You and each of the tournament directors and teachers are all simply the best!  I am truly grateful for all you do to help everyone learn and enjoy the game of bridge.  I will continue to support and recruit new members. Also, I will encourage my BIL friends to be flexible and continue to explore and enjoy all areas of the BIL.  I appreciate all you and your helpers and staff do and am grateful for the BIL experience!


This series of courses has literally changed my life (I am now jobless, can't see the top of my desk for bridge books and notes, am addicted to Jelly Bellies eaten while declaring, and have a hard time picking my husband out of a crowd).  It all started when "newbie me" stumbled into one of Howard's classes last year and he chatted me about the BIL.  Thank you Howard!!!  Then 101 with Sue, 102 with Al, 201 with Roberta and finally 202 with Howard.  My sincerest thanks goes to the organizers and BBP Teaching Team for this series of courses.  It has been an amazing journey and I am rather sad it is coming to an end.  But - now I can torment my future Mentors.  So the fun continues!

Your program has inspired me so mcuh that i truly in awe of the game. I am 71 and remembering which cards have been played is overwhelming to my psyche. But your BIL instructions are by far more to the point and have been so helpful to me.

Good Morning to All from Ont, Canada
Thank you so much for all your time and effort to put this series on for beginners. It is a tough game to learn and without this help most of us would be stranded out in left field still looking for the ball. There is still a long way to go but your efforts in starting us out on this road is very much appreciated.

I would like to take the time to thank you for everything you do for us beginner, I really appreciate .  If it was not  for BIL, I would have not perceive in learning bridge.

George is a very knowledgeable, dedicated and patient tutor. We are  "meeting" three times a week and he is very punctual and never missed a session. I am doing my best to be worthy of his time and I am studying and doing my homework. I feel that I am lucky to have him as a mentor. I am also very grateful to you and to BIL, an organization that offer so much to people like me. 

Thanks to all of you and for all the great lessons available in the BIL.

I must tell you, once again, how much I appreciate your site, especially all the teaching sessions and lessons.   I do get The Bil Gazette in  my e-mail  and all the announcements.

I love the BIL and get a great deal from it. Thanks for all you do to keep it going.

It is with great pleasure Maureen that I accept your congratualations and BIL Graduate membership. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the mentoring programme you provide through the BIL and to Dessie (aspiring) my mentor. Dessie has been patient, kind, encouraging and brilliant at communicating her bridge knowledge to her students. I will try my best to live up to her expectations.

I am sure you already know how wonderful Aspiring (Desiree) is as a mentor.  Besides being a fountain of knowledge, she is well organized, patient, thorough in her teaching and well liked by all of us students.  I think I learned more in the past six months under her tutelage that I have in my several years or studying and playing bridge. I am very thankful to you for assigning me to her and to the Beginner Intermediate Lounge for all that it does.    

I do so benefit from all you and yours do; God bless you for all you do for all of us;

 Thank you for a wonderful club and all the hard work you do. The BIL is one of the greatest ideas ever, and a true gift to anyone desiring to play bridge. 

My Bridge club partner and I have just finished a mentoring program with Barbara Blodgett   We have really enjoyed the great lessons and patience that Barbara has provided us with throughout our sessions.  She is a very good mentorfor The BIL offers the great learning tools in such a relaxed area on the internet.  BridgeBase can really be brutal at times.   BIL is a great place to hang out with players who are there to learn, just like me.

Thank you.  For all you do for us, I naturally assumed you had super human powers.  Thanks again.

thank YOU for such an amazing program. My favorite part of BIL is having my mentor, Dan, "buckeye guy" who is such a wonderful mentor and teacher

.. I have used the library for many movies ..  I have gone on to access old quizzes which I also found to be very useful. By having them in the library, if one isn't ready skill wise for the current one, they still provide excellent learning for when one deems one is ready to try and old one in the future. I continue to be amazed by the efforts and dedication of everyone who gives of their time to make the BIL club and lounge so excellent. While, I haven't taken advantage of all of the aspects, I wish to forward my compliments and thanks for all the hard work that goes into making these varied aspects available.  Of course, my biggest kudos should go to the person who had the vision to start it all in the first place.

Thanks Maureen for all that you do for us.   We are fortunate to have someone like you.  I continually point players to the BIL

just wanted to tell you how much fun I am having on the BIL.  I like to play in the lounge and the people there are so friendly.  You have done us a wonderful service.

My best wishes goes to all of you who tireless are engaged in organizing everythingfor us in the “Billies” I am a proud member since the very first day many years ago

I was watching a Hondo session in the BIL one night and Kia was present kibbing.  At the time I had just used the DONT movie in the BIL library and sent him a chat to compliment him and tell him how excellent the DONT movie was.  This was quite some time ago and I have since used the library for many other movies as well. I have gone on to access old quizzes which I also found to be very useful. By having them in the library, if one isn't ready skill wise for the current one, they still provide excellent learning for when one deems one is ready to try and old one in the future. I continue to be amazed by the efforts and dedication of everyone who gives of their time to make the BIL club and lounge so excellent. While, I haven't taken advantage of all of the aspects, I wish to forward my compliments and thanks for all the hard work that goes into making these varied aspects available.  Of course, my biggest kudos should go to the person who had the vision to start it all in the first place.

Thank you  very  much  for all you do in the BIL,  I am really enjoying  it.

Thank you for all the time and effort spent to prepare us for class and practice.  Becoming a student here has helped me so much because to start I had never played any kind of card game and felt intimidated to strike out. I have experienced only encouragement and good teaching; what a combo!

!  BIL is very, very special to me and so many others, and we all appreciate all you do to provide these services for us.

I want you to know how much I appreciated & enjoyed the latest series of classes (Bridge201) . I too am a “mature” lady. I didn’t even start learning how to play bridge until I was in my seventies. I wanted that knowledge to keep my mind active. Still having a lot to learn, I enjoy the challenge of the game. I have many new friends because of the game. Discovering the BIL is a real treasure. I have introduced some of my bridge friends to it also

congratulations on all of these fantastic years of helping beginners get started. I know a lot of outstanding bridge players who got their start with BIL and I'm sure that you know many more. Well Done Maureen!

Many thanks for arranging a mentor for me. We have a plan which will cover my requirements. I greatly admire your  interest in bridge players which is amazing. Also both your site and BBO are brillent.

I value the BIL site so much and learning has been huge for me, I am always recommending others to join it, I want to thank you very much Maureen for all you do for bridge players.

I'd like to say congratulations on the 9th anniversary of BIL. I wonder if you imagined the success it has achieved and the thousands of people you have given happiness to! I send my best regards to you, as you are one of the people I most admire, so selfless and caring, hardworking and visionary

Thanks for your tremendous input for the BIL

Ty Very much Maureen (and all your little Elves) for all the work that you do for the BIL.

What a wonderful opportunity ( Birthday Marathon) to meet and play with people we seldom play with and to meet new friends. Enjoyed it very much & wish we could do it more often. Thank you!!

the Birthday Bash - was super fun!! Tx to all who organized it!!

I would like to thank you for all your hard work in the BIL.  You have built a great Lounge.  You have succeeded in fostering a culture in which people are friendly,  helpful and encouraging to others.  It’s beautiful.  I have met so many people who have learned in the BIL and who are now giving back to the BIL by helping new members like me find their way around and improve their game.  It’s amazing how many expert players you have convinced to give lessons and to mentor students.  I love the BIL.  Thank you, and thank you to all the BILhosts, BILassists, teachers and mentors.


let me say that I feel that I'm receiving excellent benefits with my membership.  The BIL is a fantastic resource for players at all levels.  I cannot tell you how much I am benefiting from using it.  I have recommended the BIL to a number of my friends--and will continue to do so.

I'll close by saying again, how much I appreciate and value the BIL -- the excellent services, classes, and teachers

I enjoy doing what I can. Think I have been here almost from the beginning of BIL.  I was new to bridge and BIL had wonderful teachers and was a great place to play - away from the maddening crowd.  Though I guess one shouldn't get too upset when no one wants to play with a beginner.  We can be pretty awfulI know we all thank you for the BIL, Maureen:  all the blood, sweat, tears, and money.  And you do have some great people helping it along

My hat off to you, you are so efficient. Great organization skills/smarts have led you to have such a successful web site as BIL. Look forward to Ms. Seagram's lesson. Thank you.

BBO is an outstanding Internet program and the BIL merits a 10 out 10 rating, and well beyond that!:)

The tutoring session have been an amazing experience for me..I  also want to commend you for being the founder of BIL, a website that gives beginners a place to learn and play in a
very civilized environment.

You are a bloody godsend!!! That is what I shall do. I'll go onto the site and join up NOW, thanking my lucky stars I came across you. Although from what I've read, you seem to be the mainstay of the site < BIL Library> - not to mention its originator. No wonder it's so successful: you know how to help, and you don't mind doing so

I have really enjoyed the games in which I've participated, and made some really nice new contacts.  I've also acquired a mentor!   This is a great site, and I look forward to having fun and learning with and through it.

what a fabulous job NOME has done in the 2-suited overcall bridge movie.  He is a master!!  …the BIL continues to amaze and delight me as an incredible resource for learning bridge

Thanks for providing such a great site and, also, many thanks for my time with John Josephs as Mentor - such a good teacher with a wonderful manner.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. You have created a wonderful place for aspiring bridge players to get a wonderful foundation.

My mentoring sessions have been amazing with zedutin, he is an excellent teacher for me. I hope I am beginning to retain some of what I have learned. He is extremely patient and always happy to answer questions no matter how basic they seem Thank you for all your efforts.

thank you again for your wonderful work towards helping new/intermediate bridge players.

my partner, Maureen and I have received mountains of help from our mentor ..............Thank you again for offering this golden opportunity to us

Thanks,  just wanted to let you know you have a great site and the BIL is great as well.

I cannot believe there will ever be a time when the BIL does not provide benefits to me!  I told someone the other day that the BIL was like home, where I could go to lick my wounds if the outside bridge world (anywhere but the BIL) was rude or unkind.  :)