The BILFriends group was founded by Peterb370c (Peter) early in 2008 to provide online contacts for members needing assistance for putting into practice on BBO the advice given in the BILScribblers Tips and Tricks documents ( illustrated Help Notes for BIL members on BBO - see About BIL > FAQ ).

In April 2012 a new group of BILFriends ( new member sponors) undertook to work one on one with all new members making contact 2 -3 weeks after a new member joins - they are all web client savvy and can assist those with MACs too. The new group Coordinator 2012 - 2017- Dianavd (Diana)

March 2018 - December 2018 a Dawn2Dusk ( 12hr 08:00 to 20:00 ET) was run 1st Sunday of the month to give newer members the opportunity to get help and to meet other members. Hosted by D2DHosts changing over each hour in the BIlies Retreat

D2D1 BILManager Maureen   New Zealand Administrator
D2D2 Camilleln Ally   US Pacific  
D2D3 CarieG Carlyn Oct US Pacific  
D2D4 Learning4 Liz   US Eastern Dawn2Dusk official table
D2D5 Gg_bridge Charlene Nov US Central  
D2D6 jacquiek Jacquie Jul - Dec US Pacific  
D2D7 imaquila Judy Dec- Dec    
D2D8 Lin797 Lynn   US Mt/Pac  
D2D9 Madge55 Madge   US Eastern  
D2D11 Tewksbabe Pam   US Eastern  
D2D12 Voxfugit Jan   US Central  
D2D13 Burloak Val   Canada Eastern  
D2D14 Syllabub Caroline   Spain  
D2D15 Boater Joan   Canada Eastern  
D2D16 Cruzer Cheryl Sept US Pacific  
D2D17 Summerpup Alison   US Pacific Prize Draws


The BILFriends

2016 BBO ID Name Country
BILFriend4- Boater - New Member Sponsor - 2012 Joan Canada
BILFriend8 - Dianavd - New Member Sponsor - group coordinator 2012 - 2017 Diana USA Pacific
BILFriend5 - Jerrycrabi - 2016 Jerry USA Pacific
Former BILFriends      
BILFriend1 (Group Founder) - Peterb370C Peter USA
BILFriend5 - Wanda 907 - 2013 Wanda USA
BILFriend2 - Lizabc - New Member Sponsor 2012 Joan USA
BILFriend6- JPowell - New Member Sponsor 2012 Janet Australia
BILFriend9 - Bjmue - New Member Sponsor - 2012 to April 2016 Bonnie USA ET
  BILAmica - Lalik9 Clem Italy
  BILFriend3 - Southhuist - New Member Sponsor - 2012 Annabel England
  BILFriend4 - Niccolla Nicci Australia
  BILFriend7 - Nineteen46 - New Member Sponsor 2012 Robin  



Please contact Dianavd - BILFriend8 Group coordinator for more information

Good Bridging!