What Members Have to Say - 2017

I find that the more you give to something, the more you get in return.That certainly is true concerning the BIL. Its getting to feel a lot like family here!

It's a pleasure to work with the BIL team of organizers and planners

A great team to work with, everyone works to make it a success - Sandy, Liz, Douglas and you. We would be lost with out you having our backs

It was my pleasure to help!! What we do is nothing compared to all you do - just my way of saying Thank You to you !!!

Thank you Mareen for opening the Bilies Retreat on BBO...this means so much too so many newer players as well as us older ones:))

i am enjoying BIL. I’m still overwhelmed, but Im learning that there exists an inexhaustible trove of Bridge teaching and learning right in my computer.  Its a miracle.  Probably not a miracle so much as you and some other dedicated people working hard to make it seem like miracle to us, the receivers.

I want you to know how much BIL means to me. I will never be a good bridge player but you have given me a place to play and feel part of your family. Thank You.

Maureen: You have done so much for many people that you will be almost immortal.  I hope you are proud of your accomplishments and what you have unselfishly done for so many. 

congratulations on the fantastic job you've done to assist those new to the game and BBO.

What you have done for bridge is beyond amazing.

I really appreciate your kindness Maureen, and also all the VERY hard work and effort you have put into your (now 14 year old) "baby", the BIL.  You did a great service to many hundreds of folks wishing to become "bridgies", and also to those, like me, who made many great friends through our on-line connection at BIL.

YOU have done a wonderful ground-breaking job.  I appreciate all that BIL offers.  I've taken great courses and mentoring programs that I only could do through BIL and it's helped me achieve life master

thank you for creating the BIL!  The teaching sessions are wonderful and the materials in the library are amazing!!  I am learning from my Mentor and I really appreciate his time and effort to help me learn this wonderful game.  I consider myself lucky to be a member of the BIL club!  :-)

Thanks again for the BIL, Maureen.  Probably you will never know all you have done for the beginners.

.I have had several mentors thru the years and have enjoyed  each and every one of them!  This could not be accomplished without ur wonderful mentor program and for that I am deeply appreciative!!

it is indeed a happy journey, all helped by meeting so many good people. Thankyou for all that you do

It's all your fault!!!  Just see what you have started with the mentoring program. It is so successful that ACBL is now polling its membership if they want a mentoring program.It is getting some push back from the upper level players, but it certainly has support at the lower level. Better to be a leader than a follower!!! BTW, I have a mentor, Ian, and I am really enjoying his tutoring. Thanks again Maureen for a wonderful web site and all the services you provide.

Well  all I can say is: a HUGE THANKS! Unbelievably prompt, friendly and helpful.

Thanks Maureen for all you do and Fred is such a great asset to his mentees and also BBO and BIL encouraging and teaching the game of bridge.

I am enjoying my bridge journey - and most of the reason for that is the BIL you have created.  I have been lucky enough to have mentoring and lots of free lessons from various teachers who have so kindly offered their time and expertise.  Also, through the BIL, I have met and played with a couple of gals who I now consider my friends.  We Skype while playing and talk about our bids and whether Fred (boldbida) would agree with us.  😀  All in all, lots of fun!  So thanks again for all your time and effort that you have put into the BIL - please know that it is very much appreciated!

Shall never forget my days in the BIL club and beyond, partnering so many wonderful people. I'm sure 2017 and your travels will be a year you'll long remember. My good wishes also for the BIL Club's ongoing success.

!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the BIL, it is a way of life for me and has been for many years!  Thank you for all you do!

I seriously cannot tell you how much I value the BIL and all the hard work that you do. It is irreplaceable. I recommend it to every bridge player I come across.

I feel certain I would never have been brave enough to play if I hadn't found the Bil club -- and still haven't "graduated" (but getting closer, I hope).