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May 2010 a member wrote :

I do not know where to begin- and I have a feeling you have heard this before- BIL is an unbelievably wonderful site for people like me and it has opened up a whole new world for me. I can not thank you enough for your vision to have a safe haven to play and practice Bridge.

In the beginning when I was first interested in learning Bridge in 2008-someone mentioned to me about BBO-and he gave me his card with his website on it. Howard Schutzman (Hondo717).We lived in the same community in Massachusetts.

 I knew I could not enter just any room and play- I had zero knowledge of Bridge. So I kept asking those fine people who are in yellow- where can a beginner learn- and I was referred to BIL.  I joined immediately and within months I saw advertisements about a beginners class was going to start in July, 2009 by Twstoflime(Sandy)  and of course I signed up. Sandy was a wonderful teacher, followed by Al, xx1943, then Roberta Robzim, Arik and in the end Hondo717- so I guess it has been a full circle for me.

 The whole team of teachers, I know they  do it for the love of the game and they have all inspired me and encouraged  me. What a team! I personally feel so blessed to have met them all.

 Howard introduced me to BBO in 2008 and then he was my last teacher in BIL. From Bridge 101, 102, 201, 202 and even graduation. To me the classes may have ended but my learning will continue forever.

My goal was to learn Bridge by the age of 70 two years ago. Well that date is quickly approaching and I am confident I am on my way.

I have met such wonderful friends from Sandy's Bridge 101 which started in July 2009 and we have stuck together and we have learned together. We all continue to be friends.

Philip(Gowanlock) was there to help and Kia (Nome) with his fabulous movies

Also  along the way other more knowledgeable players
 who have helped nurture my quest to learn this game. They seem to come out of the woodwork to help you in BIL if you have the desire to learn. - and Taylor2005(Lawrence) a kind man who - when he sees us says - "I will start a table and we will practice"- and we do.

Hearts to you from me as well as so many other people in BIL. I know I am never alone when I go onsite and play there.

I am so appreciative of your starting this site and I know others feel the same way as I do.

Thanks and  Double Hearts to you Maureen. What a vision to create BIL for us all to learn, enjoy and play in a comfortable atmosphere of helping beginners.

Davida - davidap