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The Online Bridge Library for Beginner and
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Player Feedback ....the BIL is a wonderful resource for those of us who want to learn and improve

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All lessons and tournaments are held on Bridge Base Online (BBO), a free website located at

To be able to take part, players must join BBO before joining the BIL.

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Welcome!  I am Maureen Hall, Founder and Manager of the Beginner Intermediate Lounge (BIL) which opened on September 3, 2003 on BBO. I hope you find the BIL a pleasant and friendly place to enjoy learning and playing this wonderful game.

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I like to think the BIL offers a special service for beginning and intermediate players on BBO.  It is always a pleasure to welcome new players, provide you with learning and competitive opportunities, and watch you move on after adjusting to the complexities of a global online environment. 

As a BIL Player, you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best of the world’s bridge experts, play in level restricted tournaments, have easy-to-read instructions for using BBO software, and—perhaps more importantly—share the love of bridge with friends around the world.

With a great team of dedicated Volunteers, Teachers, and Mentors, we provide BIL Players with opportunities to

  • attend free open teaching lessons
  • apply for one-on-one mentoring (4 - 6 months of free lessons with a mentor)
  • attend any of the BIL’s Special Events featuring some of the world's leading bridge experts
  • play in free daily tournaments with players of similar skill levels
  • compete for BBO Masterpoints in daily level-restricted tournaments - collect Reward Points to exchange for lessons/cash
  • The BIL Library is an ever-growing resource of lesson material, giving you access to one of the best libraries of online bridge for beginner and intermediate players
  • have access to the BIL Calendar to know when events are being held, receiving emailed alerts if desired
  • have access to the BIL's extensive interactive 'bridge movie' collection
  • have the use of the "Ask Bridge Question" to get your queries answered by an Expert
  • test your knowledge with the many types of Quiz for all levels
  • receive a complimentary copy of the monthly BIL Gazette with news and articles
  • have access to the Gazette archive
  • receive emailed bulletins announcing upcoming Courses (for your level) and news of Special Events

The level you show on your BIL membership will determine what Courses you are invited to take part in. As your game progresses it is essential that you keep updating this information. When applying to become a BIL member, it may help to use the following guidelines to identify your level of play :

Starter > BEGINNER > Improving Beginner - newcomers to bridge who are learning the basic principles.  The Beginner is offered a “safe haven” in the BIL to learn and enjoy the game with players of similar abilities.

INTERMEDIATE > Improving Intermediate > Upper Intermediate players with a good understanding of the basic principles and learning the modern conventions.  The Intermediate has ambitions of going on to higher levels and sees the BIL as offering the necessary lessons and playing experience to bridge the gap, which is a very large one, between Intermediate and Advanced.

The BIL has of necessity to be self supporting, we receive no subsidies, grants or sponsorship. To cover costs it is necessary for us to charge an annual support fee . Effective April 1, 2013 - - $45 per year.

Completing the Application form gives applicants free access for 3 days to explore fully and evaluate what the BIL offers without obligation. During or after the free trial period payment can be made to fully activate the membership for the coming year. There is NO automatic renewal. When renewing go directly to the BIL Shop via the link below the Member Log In box

Most importantly I hope the BIL offers you a wide and wondrous avenue to learn and to maximize your skills in one of the world’s most challenging games!

Make the best of friends around the world!

Cherish your Partner and Respect the Opposition

and Don't Forget to COUNT the Cards !

Good Bridging !
Maureen (aka Hallway)

Never Played Bridge ? Newcomers to Bridge are most welcome.

Follow these 3 easy steps

  1. Read this article by the ACBL - "How to Play Bridge"
  2. Join Bridge Base Online (BBO) - click here
  3. Join the Beginner Intermediate Lounge (BIL) - click here

12 Reasons to Join the BIL

Bridge is a game for all ages - whether you are 9 or 90 or anywhere in between

The more you learn about the game the more you realise there is still much more to learn !

It is a fascinating, never ending journey.

Be warned ! It is addicitve ! Online you can play around the clock

Challenge the mind

Join the excitement of meeting and making friends and learning about different cultures from all around the world - who all speak one language - BRIDGE !

Bridge is a game of PARTNERSHIP - you have to learn to trust your partner and work together in harmony.

What Membership in the BIL Can Do For You

The BIL's creed is

"Cherish Your Partner and Respect the Opposition "


- 19:00 ET (US Eastern) on BBO -

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The only level restricted BBO Masterpoint Tournaments available

Every player wins Reward Points each time they play - collect and redeem for lessons, membership or cash. Complete information available to members in Tournaments > BBO Masterpoints.

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Membership is $45 per year
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Marty Bergen
10 times National Champion

2 x winner ACBL Bridge Book of the Year Award

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Are you an

Advanced :: Expert:: World Class Player ?

willing to give some time back to the game ?

The BIL is always seeking MENTORS for BIL Players